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25 Responses to “La Ink S05E01 part2”

  1. Scaramouchemusic

    Hahaha 😀 that scene when Kat told them was really funny! Dan’s reaction had me in tears of laughter :D?

  2. bowchickawow303

    The last tattoo is amazing?

  3. Camila Milaa

    HAHAAHA everybody happy with new! kkkkkk?


    Im getting soo inspired of? seeing corey miller drawing or painting, gives me so mutch!!!

  5. TheDropOutts

    I just saw a pic of Aubrey in the sidebar and had to put duct tape over? it……… that shit is OVER!!!

  6. MyMarie000

    La Ink? = Kindergarden!

  7. jems5435

    So? many cherry blossom tattoo’s no originality anymore :(

  8. TheKieshaKiesha

    i hate these tattooed up, dark, metal head, insecure, fake ass girls on this show?

  9. Miavine

    wow kat’s sister says “like” a houndred times? 😛

  10. Wilson Tavera

    sorry no joke.? Kat’s sister is hotter

  11. THEJAYMAN212

    hahaha that was a very? funny joke

  12. Wilson Tavera

    Kat’s sister is? hotter than her

  13. girl123interrupted

    I really love la ink up until the show became Aubrey Ink… and rather than shooting tattoo’s and the stories behind them, it became “Oh Aubrey forgot the rinse cup and she took Kats painting down,? lets talk shit and make it into an episode” lol granted Aubrey did screw up, but come on guys.. talk about something else! she’s gone!

  14. sherelle willis

    even though audrey missed up a lot of tyms Kat gave her alot of chances and be patient? with her and she told a client not to have a tatoo thats not ur job

  15. aliklili

    I can’t find the episode with Marko and Henrik (Sonata arctica members)? in it. They were in the show in april 2010. Help please!!!!!!!!!

  16. redblueslady

    and whats up with dan`s? hair? nerd…

  17. WilderWein77

    What’s up with the blonde hair, Kat? Not? good, not good at all. She looks like Aubrey now.

  18. loveablemeggy

    i? love coreys water color!!

  19. loveablemeggy

    i think they just did it for drama,i mean this show is on TLC haha,so there always has to be drama,who knows maybe the firing and hiring was? all an act,but it does keep my attention.

  20. bundyboyzbrah

    kat needs to put on a lil bit of weight she just looks eww so? skinny with all the tats lol

  21. George Lewis

    The Barbie aubrey’s next she cant do Porno Movies………?

  22. nicsauve5

    Dan? is such a tool.

  23. dominica95815

    aubrey had sooooo many chances 2 step up bt? she blew it all away.she shuld be thankful dat dey even hired her.

  24. danny foran

    YES Aubreym is gone!!!! i was going? crazy lmaooo Kat i fucking love you for that lmaooo

  25. catvamp13mishka

    the? blondes are gone

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