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This is the first look I created using the Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance palette. I will be creating 2 more looks using this palette in the coming weeks, s…

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  1. Stephanie Huffman

    that’s a? pretty look, now i want the palette. i like her other palettes but my most favorite one is metal orchestra.

  2. Sonia Lazaro

    That’s a? fantastic idea! Thank you!

  3. BrandiHXC

    at first i was a little disappointed but you do have to realize it is a matte palette and matte is different from her other palettes, also if you have the sinner or saint palette there are two matte? colors in them its the darkest of the palettes, you can also try blending them in with this one!

  4. Lindsey Roeske

    I love this look! I bought the palette kind of blind, I had no clue what to do. Thank you :) I especially loved the tip about the tape. I have a hard time keeping my eyes “clean” looking. Keep it up? girl!

  5. Kmizme

    Love this look so very much. You look amazing because of your big eyes and long lashes. I did this look on myself – which I could send you a picture without having to make a video. The only thing you could add is to mix the colors unrequited and harlow and lightly smoke out the top of the crease – it adds a little warmth to a dark purple/black look so that it doesn’t run the risk of looking? like a blackeye – not that yours does:) XoXo

  6. Sonia Lazaro

    I find that super surprising! Mine is just as good as? my other KVD palettes. Do you think maybe you just got a bad one?

  7. AiniDancerStar

    very cool? and so pretty )))

  8. Addison Dewitt

    I have the palette and am a bit disappointed with it. I’m used to her Ludwig palette where all the colors are silky, soft and super bendable…these new matte? shadows are not. They are dry and not very blendable….I would not rebuy nor recommend.

  9. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    your welcome! love the makeup look? :)

  10. Sonia Lazaro

    Omg thank you! This palette is definitely? worth it.

  11. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    3 seconds..subscribed! lol.. Your hair is so awesome, just? had to say that! I’m dying to get that palette.. great video! Stop by my channel some time :)

  12. BrandiHXC

    i love your eyebrows!?

  13. Sonia Lazaro

    Thank you! I am planning on doing another? one tomorrow or Tuesday. Yeah, I think so. I think all of Kat Von D’s makeup, especially her eyeshadow palettes are some of the best out there.

  14. Dani00962

    Love? this tutorial!! Please do more! Btw would you say this palette is the best out of the (few) matte palettes out there?

  15. Sonia Lazaro

    Thank you dear! I have been using liquid eyeliner almost every day? for years, so I have had good practice. Haha

  16. sabrafan

    This is really pretty and you are a pro at? that liquid liner.

  17. cocomlle21

    It’s pronounced “Susie Sue”, she’s an amazing singer. :) Her band is Siouxsie and the Banshees.?

  18. Sonia Lazaro

    It’s by Pravana and? yes I did bleach it before applying.

  19. lara mara

    What’s the name of that teal dye you have on your hair? Did you bleach? your hair before applying the dye? Or did you just put the dye on dark hair?

  20. Sonia Lazaro

    Thank? you! (:

  21. briteblades


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