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MAKEUP LOVERS!!! DON’T WORRY!!! For those wondering about my Lock-it Tattoo Foundation and when it will be back on the shelves, check this out! XOXO, KvD Sig…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Lock-it Tattoo Foundation In Stock!!”


    PLZ HURRY! I am wanting? this soooo bad!

  2. Katie Rickard

    That’s great news for people in America but what about us here in Australia we are having to pay almost $80 a bottle from ebay if we? want it when are u going to make it Available in Australia ????

  3. Xochitl Paez

    thanks? for the update! i was bummed when i could buy my shade, looking forward to stocking up!

  4. Laura Isabel

    i love your makeup and your style!! i collect your lipsticks :)? please come to houston!!

  5. MsLipsandLashes

    Sephora online? say’s out of stock couple of weeks ago. But when I went to my nearest Sephoara they have it available, which made me very happy, and I got it 15% off.
    Kat, awesome product and I love, love, love your packaging design.

  6. WinterArianna

    Hey Kat it’s winter from the book signing I gave u a bracket and a letter please let? me know what u thought of it. Email me at sasawinter@yahoo.com or instagram me at kitkat900. I love u and can’t wait to see and or talk to u again.

  7. oeonia

    I’m so excited to see you speak in regards to this. Many of us have asked employees with no real answer. I’ve traveled 25 miles within state and I’ve gone out of state to see it out of stock, to my hearts despair. Seeing the? quality in the foundation made me explore the rest of your line and I’m a HUGE fan of all your products.


    Sephora sells her makeup products just go to their website and they ship to portugal as well. It should automatically take you to the portugal sephora website but if it doesnt just scroll down to “sephora internationl” link and then click on portugal?

  9. Bidomingoscenasgaja

    How do You feel about selling internationally??? I’m? in Portugal And i’m dying to try your brand

  10. MsRaediance

    Its my favorite foundation! Ill be sure to ration it until I can get another <3
    thanks Kat for creating a wonderful product? and for keeping in touch with your customers.

  11. TheLifeOfKassyB

    I love this foundation. I just made the? mistake of buying the wrong shade. Lol I look like a ghost. Thank god that my sephora never really went out of stock. Guess my town is just lucky haha. So I’ll be able to go back in and pick up the next shade up

  12. Cookie Lee

    Thanks for making a video it really shows that you care about the? customers!

  13. 606morningstar

    thank god! i? couldnt live without this magic gooop!! <3

  14. BoldMissBeauty

    I don’t like high-end foundations, but this tops it all! It is my absolute favorite foundation! I love it soo much! And although I have to contour (because it washes me out) it still is wonderful. As? well as the eyeshadow palettes. They are divine. Thanks for such amazing products, Kat!

  15. Nicole Olivarez

    THANK YOUUUU! I ran out and had to get one two shades darker than my? skin D:

  16. Haley Finegan

    Good cause I almost had? a heart attack.. 5th bottle…

  17. SullenxRiot182

    That’s cause? it’s the best foundation ever! lol

  18. martaredpassion

    I? love you, Kat.

  19. Brenda Goetz

    It’s my fav? foundation, thank-you:)

  20. Savananh Marie Williams

    I need shade light 42! and it’s always sold out!!! Thanks!! xo This is great news, I’m running? low on my favorite foundation!! <3

  21. LydiaSfacefun

    Awesome!? PS Agatha is my favourite lipstick ever! :)

  22. Allen Sanchez

    Nice? :)

  23. vavila16

    gracias? hermosa!

  24. nigawilliamdawson

    Thank goodness? <3

  25. starrpowerr1

    Yey! I was beginning to fear that it had been? discontinued! Love you kat 😀

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