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Even country music can rock a little when Emerson Drive comes in for a group tattoo after their first number one hit.

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14 Responses to “LA Ink – Number 1 Single Tattoo”

  1. bloggitable

    how bout instead of ultra book a ipad with a phone in it!? anyone else agree! 500 million yesses

  2. miamivicepastels83 .


  3. VideoVerifying

    google watercolored tattoo :)?

  4. thierryxxthierry

    wel thats the? point of my tat i won the war i have friends they supported me that’s what important

  5. SilverGunZoO

    You have my deepest compassion, I went trough a horrible depression as well, to the point of suicidal thoughts, but now after a few years I’m fine, and I can tell you that this experience made me if not stronger at least more compassionate towards other people.
    Avoid the bullies, try to get help if it happens again, and continue to be yourself? and make friends that are good people and understand, I wish you, honestly, the best thigns in the world, take care.

  6. thierryxxthierry

    years old(stupid keyboard) but hey life? go on

  7. thierryxxthierry

    i know have been bullyed for like 16 years and hard bullyed in to? depression and in suicide bullying i am 19.6 yea

  8. SilverGunZoO

    struggle makes you? stronger

  9. thierryxxthierry

    or past and? struggle dont forget that

  10. Gsus L

    those tattoos suck?

  11. miamivicepastels83 .

    omg 3:24 omg let me favorite this….that is exactly how i want my asian script, like a brushstroke. first time? seeing it that detailed

  12. infam0usprimeX

    nah she is just? the best that YOU know.

  13. FireChildSlytherin5

    They make great music!? Great tattoos.

  14. SilverGunZoO

    Some? tattoos shows weakness on some people, and others shows strength on other people. That is what I think.

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