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Hello my dears :) So here I have another eyeshadow palette review but this time it’s from Kat Von D! As soon as I saw this palette online I knew we were dest…

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19 Responses to “Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. cherielovemakeup

    Lol? I’m sorry!

  2. cherielovemakeup

    Wow I didn’t know that! Sorry? it was in the room, it’s pretty similar but the stila is more expensive.

  3. cherielovemakeup

    Lol I’m a bad influence ;)?

  4. cherielovemakeup

    I love matte shadows too, oh no I’m sorry you don’t? have Kat Von D where you live :/

  5. cherielovemakeup

    I will!?

  6. cherielovemakeup

    Well to me face products and eye shadows are like apples to oranges lol. But yeah I love her foundation, but it’s definitely full coverage so I don’t recommend it if you? have good skin already.

  7. MiharuFroggy

    Finally got to watch this! So happy.

    The palette swatches look nice~ But I were to try out any Kat Von D, I’d definitely try out the concealer? or the foundation first~

    Thanks for the review!

  8. Parita Shah

    its a fab palette..wish it was available here too..i love matte eyeshadows..especially warm browns! thanks for? the awesome review

  9. fcknwatchinpornbitch

    really cant wait til u make? the tutorial! if its pretty im gonna be sold lol

  10. traceofscent1

    Did u know that sephora makes this brand as well , I was hoping you would put the stila. Palette by this one? so we can see thanks

  11. TheLaquie

    Thanks for the review, I have always liked Kat Von D makeup. However as you said the colors are similar to the Stila In The Know palette which I own so I will be passing on this. But I would like to see how you would use these colors in a tutorial. ?

  12. Bluefairy0173

    Hi sweety wow this palette looks so pretty? can’t wait for you to do alook using it and wow all matte awesome neesss much love always Melinda :-) ?

  13. urthebest1122

    Yes, please do a few different looks using this palette, I’m thinking? about getting it.

  14. 08oceanview

    This palette looks beautiful:) Very wearable colours!! Thanks for? the review…

  15. airbornecow1

    ughh!!! cherie you did it again! how dare you! O_O you make me fall in love? again with this palette!

  16. JadesiBx36

    Wow this palette seems like it would be a good buy! I never got the naked basic palette as I had no need or interest in it but this one seems awesome because of the other colors included :-) in thinking about my overall shadow collection I don’t think I have very many matte colors; & this is mainly? UD, MAC & too faced shadows so I think for me it would be a good addition to my collection :-) although I’m scared about working with matte’s because they’re harder to blend

  17. autumnmoore08

    By just looking at it, it seems very similar to the Stila “In The Know” palette. The only color that isn’t in the Stila is the purple toned one. I’ll probably be passing on it,? but it looks really nice. :) Great Review!

  18. MiharuFroggy

    Is it just me? I can’t seem to get past the 1 minute and a few seconds mark. It just dies on me D: I keep refreshing and going back and forth? and I still can’t play it u.u

  19. najlaa03

    Omgosh I love? the colors in this palette!! This is a great review!! I really want this palette :)

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