FULL-COLOR RIB TATTOO by Kat Von D on Greg Siebel – Go Big Or Go Home! Posted by admin on April 15th, 2013 | Comments (22) |

TATTOO-TIME! Here is yet another sneak-peek into what you will find in my new book, Go Big Or Go Home! Anyone who has ever come by High Voltage Tattoo, has p…

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22 Responses to “FULL-COLOR RIB TATTOO by Kat Von D on Greg Siebel – Go Big Or Go Home!”

  1. izmirli2010

    What’s the name of the song? Could you? tell me please? :)

  2. ItsABXD

    Your so beautiful kat!? I’d lobe to have a tattoo done

  3. CaseyCouture604

    I am adoring all of these videos! They make me so happy! Thanks? Kat!

  4. BananaBubbi

    One of? my biggest dreams is to get tattooed by Kat.

  5. pio fernandez

    i like that tattoo :)
    ever since i saw you in miami ink
    i started loving tattoos
    as of now i have 7 tats and? counting :)

  6. FreyjasFighter

    I have a feeling, that the one person who disliked this video? is because he/she is against fucking homosexuals >_<

  7. DWA DE

    Kat? gave me head last year

  8. aprilmay90585

    That tattoo is amazing. Kat is insanely talented. She’s just like my tattoo artist, in the? sense that I can go to him and say, “Here, play around with this idea, have fun” and what he produces is always spectacular.

  9. mrjsmakeup

    Marry? me kittie kat

  10. KeepItMetal6969

    You’re so? awesome man!!!!

  11. Michael Adam

    See you? in New York Tommorrow!

  12. djdjerojr

    Kat is? LITERALLY the best looking woman in the world.

  13. Roland Haas

    I can count? her ribs!

  14. Ian Goodison

    KAT, YOU’RE SO FUCKING AMAZING. I have a portrait of you on my upper arm with the L.A skyline in the background and? the LA ink logo too. You’re actually the best person ever.

  15. xLiveAthousandways

    She’s going to Toronto!? 😀
    From her facebook:
    Monday, April 22, 2013
    7:00 PM
    142 John Street
    Toronto, ON M5V 2E3

  16. Matthew Gunning

    come do a tattoo tour in the UK kat! I’d love to have something done by? you =]

  17. jromakiko

    really amazed kat!! good job!!?

  18. shadysarita

    Kat, you are such an inspiration -? you excel in everything you do and I’ve learned so much from you

  19. katinagreyhat

    amazing can’t wait for the new? book!!

  20. Heavensblackrose

    I love that? tattoo.. I can’t wait to get your newest book :) I have the other two (the first and second ones) and love them both..

    I hope you come back to Calgary again soon :) would love to meet you again and have my books signed

  21. Reader1717

    OMG Kat I can not wait for your book! I hope you? come back to Toronto so i can get that shit signed lol

  22. nicoledwx

    You’re so? pretty Kat<3

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