Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery presents: 1OO SKULLS – The Skulls Exhibit Posted by admin on April 10th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

The SKULLS exhibit at Wonderland Gallery, West Hollywood. 2013. So excited to share with you a little bit of the action that took place during the Opening Re…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery presents: 1OO SKULLS – The Skulls Exhibit”

  1. norzi99


  2. remembertheunknown

    cant wait? til the day i pick up a tattoo gun and create unique art luv u kat x

  3. Deja Zupan?i?

    Couldn’t? agree more!

  4. nohomo502

    kat? r u ok?

  5. Danielle Blue

    octopus? is the best…. and kats beanie 😉

  6. Patty Romero

    This gallery was amazing? so happy I had the chance to be there.

  7. Emma Armstrong

    The end of this …lol’ed so? hard :’) oh my god

  8. LunarMunchkin

    I? hope to one day own a gallery like this

  9. OfficalCraigy15

    1:04? Is Deadmau5

  10. TylerJenningsTV

    How are you? gonna use electronic music, and not use a deadmau5 track? xD

  11. Pika VGC

    Deadmau5? the best

  12. Clapboardstudio

    1:28? I see that Deadmau5 joined the party.

  13. Vladimir Ismaenk Anzorkovich

    Joe high as fuck, photobomb Kat while make out with a guy. lol?

  14. Peter Oliver

    0:48 mammy pacquiao? lost brother!

  15. Elba Morales

    Ive always been awe of kat von d and been listening to deadmaus for about 5years love the? to !!!

  16. orgrimar96

    LOL when joel “made out”? with this dude behind Kat at the end, I laughed so hard^^

  17. highlymeditated


  18. TheSpiffyTobler

    I fucking love? the octopuss skull!!

  19. d3vvy2911

    Simply? amazing!

  20. gokusgal1

    lol? @ the end

  21. HelloIAmCassiopeia

    Another work if? art kAt??

  22. xLiveAthousandways

    I love how Joel’s making out? with someone behind Kat’s back xD

  23. tayygan

    Effin love this, wish I? could see it in person!!! Amazing work guys:)

  24. Dylan Potter

    Why must? there be 5000 miles between me and Wonderland?

  25. CaseyCouture604

    Kat this was awesome! Never stop posting videos! Every time I see you in my? box it makes me smile! You’re so fricken awesome and I love your style! :)

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