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deadmau5 stops by the Sonos Studio, and gets a tour from LA Ink’s Kat Von D. Check it out.

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25 Responses to “deadmau5 in the hau5”

  1. Dj3DmotionS

    NFS? 1:27 & Minecraft 1:28

  2. jeremy karns

    1:27 he? is playing minecraft

  3. Daniel Barros

    Deadmau5 playing Minecraft in the Xbox? ?!?! This is Fuck.

  4. Bubzy562


  5. TheScrubLifeGamer

    Or battlefield?

  6. TheScrubLifeGamer

    Him and Kat are still? togeather c: They are perfect for each other.

  7. E oj

    poor kat, picks guys that get? bored of her

  8. Savana Dune

    well alright!?

  9. theyellowk123

    He? hates people.

  10. TekkOnTheWeb

    1:27 MINECRAFT !?

  11. petenicezz

    hello, i was listen to your album “Album Title Goes Here” and I enjoy the song “Closer” and I would like to use it? for a timelapse video I’m doing on my city here in Hartford, Connecticut. I did a short clip call “The Hartford Project – Coming Soon”. Please look it up under that name just to see an example. thanks so much.

  12. maxzamoraj

    Yayyyy…. getting bought by some fucking speakers… Hope Joel doesn’t start doing 24/7 Sonos? advertisements..

  13. itzBomba

    When has? he ever not been cocky?!?

  14. Amazingskilletfan

    It’s kinda sad. I used to love Joel, but? he’s gotten really cocky…

  15. WMD Dub

    He ALWAYS look tired? bro!

  16. wangjasama

    Sad that Deadmau5 looks tired
    cheer? up

  17. mewnekoiceichigo

    1:27 Minecraft! x3 ?

  18. parliq


  19. Evan Scott

    Deadmau5 is? the BE5T

  20. tdawg719

    they seem like? not a very good match.

  21. matthew guin

    ha? nyancat preset for harmor in flstudio used in song

  22. Tony Cuevas Uribe

    dude, the name of the song? is in the video. lol

  23. 5cre4my

    kat von d is so fuckin hot :o?

  24. djfunky817

    austin tx.. she was making fun of the movie road trip when tom green messed up and told the chick “boston? massachusetts” when he meant austin…lol

  25. LuckParty

    Does anyone know the track id? :o?

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