Sneak Peek at Kat Von D’s new book, GoBigOrGoHome! Edgar Allan Poe Portrait Posted by admin on April 6th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

One of the many tattoos included in my new book! Available April 16! This portrait of Edgar Allan Poe that I did on my friend Lacy was a blast! Can’t wait to…

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25 Responses to “Sneak Peek at Kat Von D’s new book, GoBigOrGoHome! Edgar Allan Poe Portrait”

  1. IHateMyGeneration1

    I? love that E.A.Poe tattoo!

  2. Samantha Jane

    def buying? this book!

  3. MissMelody Ann

    OMG I want that? exact tattoo!!! The way it came out is amazing

  4. TheEdlalove

    I love? Kat :3

  5. BellinhsLoveForever

    Soo getting? this book

  6. itslucygooseyy

    kat makes such a? cute guy lol

  7. FashionAngelsCo

    It would be great it was out? on my Bday! The 14th! But still takin it as a great gift! Can’t wait to have it!

  8. TaniaDarcy Miw

    omg I have money love you kat I want all your books there are so many things coming out that I need all? of it im on a tight budget

  9. Kamicindaii

    I need this book right now !! :0 kat I love you so much you make? this world shine with your tatts & makeup !

  10. Kamicindaii

    I need this book right now !!! :0 kat i? love you so much !you make this world shine with your tatts & makeup !!

  11. aprilmay90585

    Dying in? anticipation for this book!!!

  12. ger6111

    I want a kat tat…found and learned? So many things threw and from here…im dieing 2get into long details, but big chunk of the reason im alive is cause of her….shes amazing!

  13. anna regalado

    Love Edgar? Allen Poe! 😀

  14. lierluisx

    DEBUSSY? <3 <3

  15. felipeth1

    Maybe it’s true the “Go big or go home” concept,? but I think that in this case is more like “Go Kat Von D and it will Rock!”

  16. Tashil Naidoo

    Omg? you have no idea how excited I am about this book!

  17. Sabrina Tomlinson


  18. Cookie Lee

    I want a portrait of him? on me too ;(

  19. Sofia Guvianaki

    thank u.. i love it..thank u kat..thank u lacy..go big kat..u? rulle..recpect from greece

  20. Fashionshoper

    I’ve always had a tremendous obsession over Edgar Allan Poe, he? actually inspired me to write dark poetry & I can usually always relate to what most of his literature is about ?

  21. Tarababyz

    Can’t wait? to get my book! 😀

  22. CimInc

    Lacy Soto, she’s a space case – but in a good way, mysterious? and so beautiful!

  23. Absynth Fiend

    Wow! Love it <3?

  24. rnorie06

    I can’t? wait! Are you doing a book signing?!? I went to see you a couple years bk when you came to Chicago (Schaumburg, Il. Barnes and Nobles November 1st, 2010 to be exact!!!!!!!!!) and got my book signed. You are absolutely amazing! I love you. Can’t wait to get this book!!

  25. Yrsa Iris

    Wow that Edgar Allan Poe tattoo? is amazing, I love Edgar! <3

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