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8 Responses to “MAC And Kat Von D Makeup Haul April 2013!”

  1. MsLindabeauty

    Yes girl finally! I’d been waiting for a while huh? Lol I’m def going to try that! It’s what I had in mind,but still need to? pick that up. Thanks for your tips and for watching! Rosalinda

  2. celly4

    yay you got the foundation! i use tartes primer and i use sigmas flat top kabuki to apply it and you dont need so much? a pea size is perfect great HAUL

    xo araceli_beauty89

  3. MsLindabeauty

    It sure does Yoly! Def need? to pick up that Real Techniques brush, it’s been on my wish list for a while! Thanks so much for the tips! Xox Rosalinda ;))

  4. MsLindabeauty

    It sure is! And that’s exactly? what I had in mind to try next, was the tarte primer and an F80 or 84. I need to get them ASAP! And also thought about dotting it too, will also help to prevent from the brush absorbing too much product too! Great minds think alike! Lol. Thanks so much!!! 😉 Rosalinda

  5. MsLindabeauty

    Lucy, of course? I do! Lol soy Mexicana! You should check out my Latina tag :)) we sure do have our own way of pronouncing things;) thanks for watching Chica!

  6. MissYoly A

    I love all the makeup xoxo great haul girlie. I apply my kat von d foundation? with the coastal scents bionic brush or real techniques expert face brush but I spray mac fix + to moisten the brush And it doesn’t apply cakey. Hope that helps…

  7. BeautyIndulge77

    I also have the KAt Von D foundation and I agree with you, if you use too much cake face for sure lol, I use the tarte primer and the f84 to? apply it, so any good flat top buffing brush should do the job , oh i dot it on my face so the less the better I think with this foundation, its very thick and pigmented :)

  8. Lucy Jimenez

    Linda do you? speak spanish? im only asking because you said violetta the way i say it :)

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