Kat Von D: How To Use True Romance Eye Shadow Trios Posted by admin on March 28th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: http://seph.me/XOD9rj How to use: Step 1: Apply high voltage eye primer to your upper lids and along the lower lash line Step 2: A…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D: How To Use True Romance Eye Shadow Trios”

  1. azn1011

    her? wing?

  2. midnightsunrise44

    To me it looks like Hellbent with Adora over? it :)

  3. Tom Hoppus

    Kat, can? you sit on my face please?

  4. t miranda

    not gonna? lie , her videos are the best and her wing is so badass

  5. oeonia

    It’s either Adora or Hellbent foiled Love lipstick. The lighting for me? could make it either.

  6. camikanzawa

    gorgeous.? <3

  7. lp4ju

    Oh I hella want!?

  8. BleedTheWineUnholy

    Her eyes are? so small and close-set that rimming them with all that black makes them look even smaller and closer together. I know she likes the cat liner look, but it just doesn’t work well on her tiny eyes.

  9. Vonfrickenbeauty

    Looks like Adora foiled? love lipstick — layered with the liquid Lipstick Adora on top. She’s got a lot of reds though… That’s still my guess. :)

  10. Kayla Roska

    I love her? makeup!!!

  11. veronicahearts

    what is? her lipstick color in this video? anyone know?

  12. andi00yh

    love? you kat !

  13. martaredpassion

    Kat <3?

  14. anglelove55

    Hey guys? I’m doing a giveaway on my channel! Check it out!

  15. WithLoveFromKay


  16. Elisejazzy9

    Love? you Kat!

  17. AbbieJolie

    No blue-violet or balanced? purple?

  18. Heavensblackrose

    I? love you Kat! Your so stunning :)

  19. LizzyCeeMarie

    Kat Von D is so beautiful !? <3

  20. CaseyCouture604

    So you moisturize and prime before love? I? have dry skin as well and I use clinique moisture intense underneath, works well for me. :)

  21. GoingCoen

    theyll be back though? right???

  22. Adriana Flores

    they forgot about? us pale girls :S

  23. Adriana Flores

    sold out :'( ?

  24. Adriana Flores

    My Outfit is base it on my makeup too 😀 omg Kat we have so much? in common <3

  25. andreatrv

    kat von d makeup is AMAZING, I? would love if they added a fair cool-toned foundation to the collection (they’re too pink for me right now :( )

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