NY Ink S01E07 Painter Sam (Samantha Bennett) Posted by admin on March 23rd, 2013 | Comments (23) |


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23 Responses to “NY Ink S01E07 Painter Sam (Samantha Bennett)”

  1. Notattoo Itsgone


  2. bxcuppycake

    beautiful, but sad story.. amazing tattoo :)?

  3. HuskerDuKid

    Tim can? do no wrong, what an amazing artist!!! :)

  4. Letsliveforever666

    Such an amazing tattoo!! :D?

  5. Samantha Bennett

    Thank you very much. That dude is a total nerd. Who seriously? takes the time to watch a video and then insult someone. And then insult another person! N.E.R.D

  6. Samantha Bennett

    Listen Turd and yeah only a TURD would take the time to be rude and insult someone for no reason. Who cares about you? Not me. It was an amazing tattoo, an amazing? experience and your pathetic attempt to take that from me is nothing, but sad. Get a life. And have fun is wallowing in self hatred because only a sad lonely turd would take the time to be rude to random strangers. ?

  7. Shane Fallon

    Gorgeous tattoo on a woman? with a beautiful soul

  8. crazy8sdrums

    That is a nicely done tattoo? on a very tough and good-spirited woman! Cheers!

  9. tserathina

    HEY!!!watch at 1.18 the tattoo? is already done…hahahahahahhhaaha bad ”modaz”

  10. TheSand Man

    if you don’t like her tattoo thats fine but do you get off on leaving a? very nasty comment like that?

  11. AppleAssassin

    Ignorance has nothing to do with it, and with the use of the word I would call you ignorant. It’s a matter of opinion, you must be a very bitter, sad person if you’re taking time out of your day to reply to a comment which doesn’t involve? you in any way.

    Have a nice day : – )

  12. pensandnucks

    i feel incredibly sorry for you. you’re obviously a very bitter, sad? person if you’re taking the time out of your day to comment something like that. her tattoo is beautiful, unlike your ignorant personality.

  13. AppleAssassin

    Your? tattoo is ugly as hell

  14. sarahthepieeater

    I’m so sorry for your loss. :( Your tattoo is? beautiful!

  15. Justin L

    I had bacterial meningitis at the age of 5, ill never forget it. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and 4 days. Watching this makes me realize how fortunate I am to come away with minor changes to my skin… Sam is a true inspiration. On a side note.. i was placed in the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia in mid football season. I saw the fireworks from the Eagles? scoring a touchdown and ever since then I have been a die hard Eagles fan! Cant thank God enough for that (:

  16. darthsadic

    I didn’t know Edward Norton? could tattoo.

  17. m m

    He made ??me cry…My God..what an amazing art…I love this? team of great and amazing talent people
    … <333

  18. Opinionated73

    What a beautiful woman,? inside and out.

  19. Inkkflicted

    ur awesome? sam!

  20. IISolveII

    Sick? tat

  21. janessa chittenden

    Amazing? tattoo !

  22. TheRoroki

    its amazing how tim and ami have changed since miami? ink. they way they talk, act (and dress)…from hot guys they become handsomen men & amazing artists.
    great tattoo btw, lucky, luccckkyy sam

  23. barto99966

    shes beautiful lady :)?

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