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25 Responses to “La Ink s05e05 part1”

  1. Amy Angel

    Funny Kay says that? hearing about Liz going after married men puts a bad taste in her mouth… There isnt much of a difference between that and her and that Jesse James deal.

  2. jerkt dollente

    Adrian,? she’s gorgeous..

  3. MegaOnionRings

    I? love Dan, he’s awesome

  4. ArchieAndOswald

    The way dan said “Put the whip down!” so? calmly made me crack up XD

  5. CATcatCATwoof

    Dan is a twat. Sorry, Liz might be a bit competitive? and controlling, but Dan is just a sarcastic tool. Aubrey + Liz over Dan always!

  6. MsThanqThanq

    Kat looked suprised when she said that thing about married men .. like she has never done that before -__- not hating just? saying

  7. Halimaplayer

    look at 2:54 and 2:57…..she? doesn’t look the same….wtf?! XD

  8. Miavine

    like i’ve said in and earlier? post, she is totally like the girl in american psyco 2

  9. mendez5525

    OMG! dating married men on top of all the other manipulative? and controlling shit she does, Liz is a freaking sociopath!

  10. scholte

    was the music while corey was tattooing jennifer,? from any song?:/ x

  11. samcap29hurricane

    Dan is soooooooooooooooooooo Hot :)?

  12. Peppaberry

    Liz make Dan like? a bad guy!

  13. ThatGirl0800

    Dood for real! If Kat wouldnt have sat down with Dan and Liz I swear she was gonna make a move on him right then and there. “Like Married Men”….DAN’S MARRIED! To the beautiful Scully haha shes so cute and they are perfect for each other but i just want to punch Liz? like dood quit being retarded…

  14. christina3659

    thank you so much for uploading these! i love this show :)?

  15. girl123interrupted

    “Put the whip down? and listen to what I am saying!” way to go ha ha I’m glad someone is standing up to Liz.

  16. ukgirlonce

    i love that… :) time is on her side…cory really made that work so? well

  17. zaqua3

    I hope liz gets fired soon I swear? god

  18. isaalool

    omg liz is annoying me just soo much ! 😛

  19. Mickey Halford

    She can’t find anything? decent by dating marryed men!? No shit dumbass! There cheating on there wife lol!!!

  20. BadBoyer88

    umm, I don’t really think there’s something wrong with Liz I just think she really lacks social skills… Tellling lies to be liked is a big sign of that (pointing to the cat thing with Ludwig and Adrianne)….She really needs to listen and learn instead of just pushing and pushing^^?

  21. Mandeepanda

    Yeah I reckon Liz was hired solely? to cause trouble!

  22. loveablemeggy

    damn,this is scripted hahaha i mean come on,she cant? be that dumb to tell a story like that lol

  23. hepatica88

    Thank you sooo? much for uploading these!

  24. hornerable


  25. Chickysl93

    Thanks for uploading these!! It? must be a pain in the arse uploading these!!!! Cheers!!

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