Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review & Demo Posted by admin on March 17th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review & Demo”

  1. JackieJilg

    Aw I love your freckles! What shade? are you?

  2. SGuyer1989

    I actually have very dry skin and use this. I would recommend getting the priming elixer because it helps prevent the foundation from? getting into any flaky patches.

  3. Elisabeth K

    First of all, I think you? look just as beautifull without make-up! :)
    And, I`m sorry for asking but is the foundation lighter then your skin colour or is it the lighting that gives it that effect??

  4. Obeykitty10

    You can? only get at sephora

  5. Camille Jennings

    Can U get this at a drug store? And u and Ur? baby Iss Beautiful <3

  6. PearlDahhhling

    Now you have me searching for this foundation! I’m an Estee Lauder Doublewear girl but I get what you mean about it? being a little cakey. I WANT THIS STUFF!

  7. Sandra V

    What kind of brush do? you use to apply foundation?

  8. wishingforbaby88

    ok after searching forever? online i found one place that had my color lol the rest of the colors were sold out i got it at Sephora.com 😀

  9. ambolyne17

    I have to get some? of that. Where can I buy it?

  10. penguintastic

    i agree!? 😀

  11. wishingforbaby88

    i would love to try this? makeup!!! but i really cant find it anywhere lol but looks wonderful on you!!!

  12. mrsisabellad210

    Great Review :) I have very oily skin in your opinion is this great for me??? And I wear true? ivory so I don’t know what shade to get on this .

  13. Dee Gee

    I? use the CKone – 600 Honey

  14. WannaBMommy2B

    Thank? you!

  15. WannaBMommy2B

    Thank you :-)?

  16. WannaBMommy2B

    With dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend this foundation. I would recommend something like the Makeup Forever HD or from the? drugstore, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation.

  17. WannaBMommy2B

    Thanks you very very much…. If my skin didn’t have so much hyper pigmentation, I might use less. There? are days where I mix the foundation with my moisturizer for a lighter coverage and it’s awesome!

  18. WannaBMommy2B

    Really?!? Awww… can you? order it online at Sephora?

  19. WannaBMommy2B

    Thank you so much!?

  20. WannaBMommy2B

    The concealer is awesome too. Yeah, I walked into sephora that day to get makeup forever hd and i’m so glad I didn’t. I got the last one in my color and the sales lady said? it’s been super popular!

  21. WannaBMommy2B

    I know…? I stalk the sephora website everyday so I can let you all know when it’s back!

  22. WannaBMommy2B

    Welcome! Hopefully it comes back in soon!?

  23. WannaBMommy2B

    Yes girl!? Get it quick! :-)

  24. WannaBMommy2B

    LOL… thank you.? What color do you wear in other foundations?

  25. WannaBMommy2B

    It’s a great price! I totally recommend it! You can even sheer it out a little bit and add moisturizer to it ( I did that today for a? lighter coverage and it still looked awesome)!

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