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MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THIS VIDEO XOXO IM BACK!! So sorry on the lack of videos! I hope you guys enjoy this video! I really love this foundation and…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review && Demo”

  1. rose191991

    wow coverage is? amazing..

  2. aloredo1024

    Love your personality. I will definitely keep? watching your videos.

  3. hayho522

    well she’s vegan? so…

  4. MsVanna24

    I like it too but I’m still using my sample cuz I’ve heard it broken people out yikes!! But we’ll see let? us know how ur skin takes it…

  5. bbgrlandhearts

    Your? smile is so contageous! :)

  6. Justmary91

    the foundation looks really great on your skin!!! also, where did you get? the flannel you’re wearing?? The color really suits you :)

  7. Júlía Ósk

    Haha you really don’t know? the first thing about Marissa do you :)

  8. livelaughlovebeauty5

    your skin looks so? much better, so happy for you!

  9. TheSmokinKitty

    Why are they going to stop? selling it?

  10. crayonstocouture

    youre so? beautiful!! great personality also, love watching your videos :) <3

  11. Jac Louise

    Gorgeous as always :)?

  12. xCherryBo0m7x

    you look beautiful though,? as always Marissa!!! 😀

  13. xCherryBo0m7x

    ahhh im so sad that? this foundation didn’t work for me!! I have such dry skinnnnn and it didn’t work well with it! :(

  14. gwynneio

    She is a vegan. ?

  15. adorexBECCA

    I love that beauty mark under your? eye. You’re so gorgeous! & you personality i awesome :)

  16. mrsnossa

    Great video as always, you are so beautiful and upbeat! Always? enouraging to watch! :). I wish i knew what breaks me out, i have had mild-moderate acne for over a decade!

  17. Jamie Saunz

    And your fabulous?

  18. Jamie Saunz

    Get your Kay Von D foundation at sephora soon bc we are going to stop selling it!?

  19. Ashleylorac

    Hehehe I live in Canada! Your American pig laws don’t apply? to me.

  20. xpureproductionsx1

    That is probably the most awful thing I have ever read.. You know that if your? words triggered her to commit suicide you could be charged with involuntary manslaughter and go to prison for the rest of your life. Also, just by saying that you can be arrested if Marissa pressed charges for threatening one’s life. Think before you speak or just don’t speak at all. It doesn’t bring her down. Have some logic and class.

  21. el3ctricvibes

    This foundation is perfect, I love it so much! Yes, I also love how it doesn’t feel heavy? it’s perfect.

  22. monicabrunnegraff

    She’s beautiful. There’s no need to get nasty. Didn’t your parents raise? you better than that? She’ll find an amazing guy. You can sit at home with Ben & Jerry’s writing bitchy comments.

  23. NikiLauraBeauty

    I think this will be the next foundation I buy, love your videos? Marissa! :)

  24. Tori Lachance

    Okay who raised you don’t be? rude there’s no need for that marissa is such a sweet girl!

  25. kaymichy7

    Wow? people are so rude & hurtful. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all please…Marissa you are gorgeous! God made you perfect just the way you are! You are so talented & just an overall amazing person! People are just jealous! They want to be you 😉 I LOVE YOUUU!

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