I’ve Been Shopping Haul: Dior, Two Faced, Kat Von D Posted by admin on March 14th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Products mentioned: Two Faced Le Creme in I Want Candy Kat Von D Saint Palette Kat Von D blush in Bellissima Kat Von D blush in Wish Paul Mitchell Seal & Shi…

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25 Responses to “I’ve Been Shopping Haul: Dior, Two Faced, Kat Von D”

  1. LipstickVanessa

    Well, you know I love your lip color! I also love your KVD palette and blushes. The Burt’s Bees makeup remover also looks really great. I have never seen that before. Another GREAT? haul!!! xx V.

  2. ChristasWorld

    @TheBeautyGPS I have a couple of the NYX palettes and they’re nice but fade no matter what I layer them over. They’re now on my no buy list.? Though their blushes have staying power. Xx C

  3. ChristasWorld

    @kelligirl724 Thanks? Kelli! The palette is well worth having. Xx C

  4. TheBeautyGPS

    KVD looks gorgeous! Reminds me of NYX Caviar palette (I think it’s called) but? I’m sure the quality kicks ass. Might have to get that one! x V

  5. kelligirl724

    I love the Kat Von D palette! Very pretty. Your hair and lip color both look good to me! xx?

  6. ChristasWorld

    @LadyZ712 Thanks! LOVE the palette! It’s one I may actually hit pan on!!!? LOL Xx C

  7. ChristasWorld

    @ididmyface The palette is perfect for every day no thought eye looks. I can tell Im going to get a lot of use out of it. Thanks? for watching! Xx C

  8. ChristasWorld

    @lvrnotafighter I can’t wait to hear your thoughts? on the palette. Im loving it! Glad I could help u spend ur money :)) Xx C

  9. ChristasWorld

    @Flowerbomb31 Por Vida is really pretty. Right up your alley ;)? xx C

  10. LadyZ712

    Hair is? looking good! This color looks awesome on you, dear! Love everything you got! Very nice palette!

  11. ididmyface

    Great haul! Thanks? for sharing. I’ve been looking at that Too Faced shade. It looks so pretty on you. I love bright lipstick!! I like my Kat Von D Saint Palette. I think she does a great job with eyeshadows. I’ll have to look at her blushes the next time I’m in Sephora. Enjoy your goodies:) xxx Christy

  12. lvrnotafighter

    I LOVE the TF la creme lipsticks, so moisturizing. As you know from twitter i just got the KVD? palette (bc of you) im so thrilled to try it out!
    great haul thanks for sharing xx

  13. ChristasWorld

    @Maquillage79 Thank you for being candid and sharing? about your mom. Xx C

  14. ChristasWorld

    @Maquillage79 That was supposed to be a smiley face? on that. Xx C

  15. ChristasWorld

    @Maquillage79 Thank you for your support and? understanding. ;((

  16. Maquillage79

    My mother has bi -polar so I know? the pain and frustration it causes !!

  17. Maquillage79

    @Sheila Lewallen , it was just a joke , as bipolar people are known? to have shopping splurges ( expensive ones) !!

  18. ChristasWorld

    @Cozyrosy1? Thanks! Xx C

  19. ChristasWorld

    @Cozyrosy1 ;)?

  20. ChristasWorld

    @Cozyrosy1 I love your new hair. It’s sassy! One can never own? too many blushes Im coming to find! LOL We’ll have to hook u up with some KVD. Xx C

  21. Flowerbomb31

    I have been eye those Kay Von d blushes for so long! You know how I feel? about blush? Any others colors strike your fancy? Great haul!

  22. Cozyrosy1

    love love love the? hair colour and do!!

  23. Cozyrosy1

    loved your comments on being sensitive … xo?

  24. Cozyrosy1

    damn, i’d like to? try some KatvD blushes…! i needed some sort of blushes, too, with my lighter hair! awesome purchases!! love ya!

  25. ChristasWorld

    @animalrescuegeek I had to go smell it. LOL It has a very faint sweet scent. Not sure what? to liken it to, but it isn’t offensive. Xx C

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