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Kat gets to tattoo a cat… onto a human. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink, just head to: Subscribe to ink |

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19 Responses to “Kitty Tattoo – LA Ink”

  1. 0MrLaen0

    @TheMCRcharlotte some? people are crazy…

  2. Adriana Amaral

    Oh? My God! I have a tattoo almost equal, also my cat named Scarlett, on my inside of my leg. I liked! I love cats!
    peace to all :: Adriana, Sao Paulo / Brazil.

  3. cappuchimo

    Doraemon? tattoo spotted

  4. KommadorCuddles2

    He’s got a Cheese (Sonic The Hedgehog)? tattoo. :3

  5. hippypower69

    She’s a? cool Kat\,,/

  6. TheMCRcharlotte

    So apparantly I need? to grow up because I think that dogs should be treated like dogs and cats should be treatd cats?

  7. TheMCRcharlotte

    Sorry if I’m all for treating animals like the? breed they are.

  8. yummyemmaJ

    grow? up

  9. PrettyKittyMew1

    Awhhh? kitty n.n

  10. LightlyFried


  11. Elisabeth Clark

    In my life cats have proven to be much more trustworthy and loving? than most humans. I love the way he talks about his cat.

  12. Suzan4B

    I love her Black and Grey Hand and her? amazing portrait work!!

  13. xSW1FTx

    Its? a chao from sonic adventure =)

  14. bennydman666

    Damn that hairless cat is fucking ugly?

  15. CafeTerreur

    4:10 Omg what is the blue? thing ?… I know it grrr

  16. XEmWorldX

    Eminem’s brother wished his dogs (Gucci and i’ve forgot the name of the other dog) happy birthday on his Twitter? and called them his children. Pets are more than just pets to some people. This man loves his cat like his baby.

  17. TheMCRcharlotte

    I dont like? the way he talks about his cat like its a human. It’s a cat..

  18. TheWarOfTheDead

    Love? it

  19. JustaEropeanGuy

    really?… really??

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