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Nikole does an amazing job on this phoenix tattoo, though its a whole lot of stress and pain for Jade, the tattooee. Is it all worth it? For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink, just head to: Subscribe to ink |

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24 Responses to “Phoenix – London Ink”

  1. Joanna Hamilton

    That’s a beautiful tattoo – such intricate work. I felt Jade’s pain but it was definitely worth it – wow!

  2. Sunflower3095

    I’m not normally a tattoo person, but this? one is absolutely gorgeous. I’d proudly wear that any day:)

  3. krystine866

    Wow? only four hours of pain? Lol! Im jealous! It took 14hrs total separate sessions for the dragon on my leg! It was done single needle style though. Still looks amazing. Love your tat

  4. MsRaediance

    Totally worth? it I gather! It looks terrific!! I’d be hella proud to wear that!!

  5. MegaTaurus777

    damn fine? tatt!

  6. jeannaegirl

    Gorgeous? artwork!

  7. crystalheart9

    Amazing and Beautiful!?

  8. waylonbloodskull666

    4 hours?! damn! shes? a quick one….anyways for the pain she endured for that, WORTH IT

  9. YarmillaSoh

    i? want tatoo ?(^?^)?

  10. david rodriguez

    yeah. my tattoo is smaller than that? and just the first section was 3 hours.

  11. hjames78

    I looked it up. It actually is supposed to me 7 but people don’t always use it in that manner but I get it. I have actually thought of 7 when? people say several and 2 when people say a couple even though that’s not always what they mean when they say these things.

  12. cookies162

    Several doesn’t? mean a particular number,

  13. Taylor Carvillo

    I didn’t know that! I seriously thought it was just like taking? some kind of special sleeping pill..

  14. laputadetumadre11

    are you retarded? do you even have the slightest idea of the risk involved with that? Doctors go to school for YEARS to learn how to put someone to sleep.? You can kill someone like that.

  15. Fingerscrossedout

    did you read how the worst tattoos are caused? because they fell a? sleep.

  16. manouska doorson

    Im doin the same thing later this month

  17. Taylor Carvillo

    Why can’t they? temporarily put the customer to sleep so they won’t have to feel the pain or move while the artist is drawing?

  18. NachtNebelz

    It’s “too”, and? I am not American, sorry…

  19. latvian012

    we hate your american to?

  20. NachtNebelz

    Holy crap, I really can’t stand that British? accent…

  21. stonedrose81

    4 hours?!!!! holy fuck thats? quick!

  22. KupoXD

    This comment is amazing. +10 awesome points for you.?

  23. Samantha Black

    It would look better flipped up?

  24. Olivia Dempsey

    This makes me want to get a HUGE tattoo. This is absolutely gorgeous!(:?

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