Kat Von D Closet Costume!!! Happy Halloween!! Posted by admin on March 4th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Closet Costume!!! Happy Halloween!!”

  1. obithenoxious

    The music is adorable! xD?

  2. MsNinahhh

    You are fucking adorable!?

  3. Teri Padar

    ooooo Pretty!? 😀
    Do your man child Ego! 😛 haha i love you guys.

  4. RockaraSample


  5. Yay4MooCows13

    You would look? amazing with tattoos!! You should get some!!

  6. GamerSam7


  7. HyperCubed4

    You teased your hair? DID YOU? CALL IT NAMES?

    (I actually have no idea what hair teasing is)

  8. Exkaisen1

    Arin is? one lucky guy

  9. Exkaisen1

    Arin is one? lucky guy

  10. Exkaisen1

    Arin is one? lucky guy


    my god i love your voice? so much

  12. jackal71027

    you are sooo cute i might die.? kd :)

  13. vuldafer

    Cuuute :)?

  14. youareangels

    You? could play her double!

  15. chefclementine

    Cute! Love your skirt by the way. I like the color.? :)

  16. colorfulmonkeys19

    You? are such a cutie!

  17. aponte cruz

    Oh, girlie I wish you show how you did your make up D:?

  18. hairextensiongeek

    Love Kat Von D! Fantastic? look.. just add a million tatts and you are good to go! Are you wearing extensions too?

  19. Kim Girard

    and soon a perfect? wife

  20. crusen84

    Yeah,? you really do fall in love with her voice.

  21. FirestormPunk

    That looks like just a normal outfit…at least for LA. You’d get a lot of people asking “where’s your costume?” Unless you’re? not going to any sort of costume party.

  22. grayemily13

    Wow? not half bad for not having that many tats on c: Awesome job

  23. xXBeeBeeXx

    You and Arin,? should totally do a Jack and Meg White costume together, just sayin

  24. thesorrow777

    Egoraptor has? a perfect life….

  25. Andrea Burns

    great job! love the belt! i just bought? k. von d foundation and its great!

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