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Watch more videos at | Kat gives Acacia a portrait tattoo of her children with a fun Halloween twist.

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23 Responses to “LA Ink- Her Little Monsters”

  1. DrCuddlesPhd

    donkey portraits? are better

  2. ToXiC1OpiNiOn

    Human portraits are nvr good tattoo? ideas

  3. AsmaaFaris

    That tattoo is so cute? and awesome!

  4. NeverShoutClaudia

    loving that girl’s paramore shirt? at 0:55!

  5. Kacy1030

    Dam I’m glad you have nothing to do but cus people out pretty irritated with you calling me names when in fact? I am Acacia and they call me Kacy for short. When one assumes they know you make an ass out of yourself and me. GEE thanks DONT EVEN KNOW U.

  6. zax590

    sure you are you? dumb bitch the chicks name is acacia not kacy fucking retard


    hahahahahaha FAIL!!!!! she has her son on at 0:04 when she walks into? the shop. then you can also tell bc her daughter is all red and the son isnt at all.

  8. Kacy1030

    Im the mother that has this tattoo my son as Frankeinstein have you read the book ? Its about the Idustrial changes and he just wanted to be loved that is what any child wants unconditonal love and when they act out of hand you teach them to be a good hearted people. Wed she was always in to mischief because she was too smart for her own good? and thats how I see my girl.. Monsters are looked as scary bad but they are in fact good hearted just diffrent .

  9. mmaaxx1198

    Chillout, God is too busy editing Chuck Norris episodes to be bothered with editing this show, and besides, how in the fuck can you notice this? edit error when Kat is doing such awesome work, all I can see is the talent!

  10. Joshua Banez

    at 0:11 she has the tattoo then when she walks in its not on her arm Bad Editing?

  11. koffinkatchick

    Bad? editing

  12. MetroStationIsLife1

    She did..haha
    This is? confusing.

  13. londonengland17

    What a cool? mom!

  14. MyEnime

    my only arguement is that Wednesday Addams is not a monster, shes just a? little girl, her whole family is just odd. Gomez, morticia, pugsley and wednesday arent monsters.

    she shoulda had her be a vampire or a mummy or werewolf…

  15. MyEnime

    they film things out of sequence… they needed? a shot of her walking into the shop.. they film before and after

  16. MyEnime

    they film things out of sequence. they needed to get a shot? of her walking into the shop.

  17. Rose O

    Not only did she have the tattoo when she walked in the shop? but she had on a black shrug and when she is getting the tat she has a grey one on lol

  18. Rebecca Hauf

    She must? be a timelord.

  19. GoldenXBoots

    That’s pretty cool!? ^^

  20. PonyPower71

    That was? pretty awesome. Kat is the best of the best.

  21. juan aguilar

    Can u shut the fuck? up already,

  22. makeupforever8

    my sister was kat von d? for halloween

  23. lizRANdomvideos666

    she? already had the tattoo as she walked in haha

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