Kat Von D Shows You How to Contour a Heart-Shaped Face Using Everlasting Bronzer and Blush Posted by admin on March 3rd, 2013 | Comments (20) |

Kat Von D and Sephora PRO Erik Soto show us how to contour a heart-shaped face with her Everlasting Blush and Bronzer seph.me

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20 Responses to “Kat Von D Shows You How to Contour a Heart-Shaped Face Using Everlasting Bronzer and Blush”

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  2. Lissa Hendrix

    She looks so? bored haha

  3. Ericka Campbell

    too much makeup on kats face? ..looks like sunburn.looks older.I dont like it.

  4. MsYazmin08


  5. LoloTheModel

    Ya, I wasn’t loving her makeup in this video. She was super shiny (Which is okay, but if she’s with a makeup artist? you would think he has some powder!) and she had a ton of blush her forehead! It was like, red! I think thats what made her look orange….

  6. WithLoveFromKay

    She doesn’t have plastic? surgery..

  7. gothica danzig

    love you? kat!!!!!

  8. claudia272

    I? hate her mouth & how she pours it!

  9. carla sandoval

    How old is? she?.

  10. emilieclarke

    Omg… the 2 figure rule… life changing!?

  11. cincincincin

    I mean look at the thumbnail, she looks awful! The sides of her face look so orangy and the centre? y so pale… this is terrible done. She’s great though.

  12. ChronicHeaven


  13. ggchezagg

    She doesn’t need bronzer because? all the plastic surgery does it for her.

  14. FemmeChocolat1

    I don’t think bronzer and too much? contouring suits her. She has a perfect bone structure and a porcelain skin. bronzer, nay. not on Kat von D.

  15. RibonZetsumei

    What is she looking? at??

  16. Leticia Textor

    She seems? unfocused…

  17. Gabymayes

    She looks? lost…

  18. DogLoverGSC

    Vegeta, from Dragon Ball Z,? should watch this hahahaha xD

  19. makeupmarshmellow

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  20. TheTabbye


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