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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Clothing line – Review and Haul”

  1. julie mansfield

    what is this song!!??? i must know love it!!

  2. doublerainbow10

    Normally I prefer very neutral/natural makeup but I? absolutely love your makeup in this one!

  3. breakingintocars

    you look amazing in this video! you always do, but especially this one,? omg!

  4. TheRetroKitty

    love it all.? i want the legging/pants that are shredded looking.

  5. AshlaIre

    Thank? you! :)

  6. Garfunklmibladder

    Have you ever thought of acting and? voice acting? I think you have such a stellar punk look~ And I think if you could shift your voice to something more sultry you’d be a fan favorite :3

  7. sakuya izayoi

    song? name

  8. Gray Sloth

    Kasa? Top was my favorite, it is simple but elegant.

  9. KnivezzANDSporkzz

    Please have Ego do one of? these =P

  10. Sketchqueen40

    Oh wow? thanks so much! 😀

  11. cortezthemusic

    girl thanks for the video i will not be buying kat? von d clothing ill make that shit myself

  12. sparda2704

    I wish my? girlfriend was like Suzie.

  13. superawesom3

    Ladies an gentlemen….Arin’s hot fiancee ?

  14. HippoCreit


  15. MsMadMar

    Thanks morti! I’ll check it out! I think that would look awesome with a sheer tank under it if anyone doesn’t want to go? backless. A pop of neon under it in back….I’m so looking forward to getting one!

  16. Liete181

    You have such a natural charisma that makes it so enjoyable to watch your review and haul videos :)? I can’t wait to see more of them in the future!!

  17. Mortem3r

    They? are still there, just under the red line. she has two lines, the white line- which is more pricey, and the red line which is for less expensive street clothes!

  18. MsMadMar

    funny half the clothes u got arent on her site anymore. i was interested in that faye? sweater…guess its a no sale since i cant find it.

  19. Techpriest Oni

    The magic top was? probably the coolest looking one to me, really nice outfits though, always like seeing fashion.

  20. CherryLunar

    I agree with some of the comments? below. A lot of her clothes dont seem too difficult to replicate with minimal cut and sew knowlege. I know that I personally would rather not support that harpy of a woman anyways. But to each their own. :)

  21. CheenaWantsNomNom

    I love the open back, but I’m not too confident to show some skin.? But looks pretty awesome! 😀

  22. Alex Fralinger

    Your makeup looks? extra pretty!

  23. stevo322

    Oh? ok.

  24. xSlowLearner


  25. chefclementine

    Also, it was nice seeing you in color! (^__^ ) I love colors.? Haha! I got sick of black after my high school years….

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