Makeup Inspired by Amy Nicoletti from LA Ink Posted by admin on February 28th, 2013 | Comments (24) |

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24 Responses to “Makeup Inspired by Amy Nicoletti from LA Ink”

  1. eveyclan

    shes from? la ink not miami

  2. XxXfreakxfaceXxX

    haii loved your tutorial and? your hair looks lovely …. where did you get your hair crimpers from because im looking to buy some x

  3. TheMisstwist

    bahah. its all good I found out just a couple days ago what it is. thanks for the? reply though! I’m actually thinking about getting a couple… How was your experience with it?

  4. sokolum79

    Thank you so much!! <3?

  5. sokolum79

    I place the hook in between my? lobe and plug and I secure it with a rubber earring backing. :)

  6. sokolum79

    Sorry for the delay! It is called? a microdermal piercing. :)

  7. DolledUpMisfit

    Stupid question. How do you keep dangling earrings? in with your gauges?

  8. TheMisstwist

    This is sooo beautiful!! I was just wondering on your cheek there of that star.. what is that? is that a piercing? or a lil tattoo?? .. I really like all of your tutorials btw! 😉

  9. Hurrycanekatrina

    Oh danggg. You? bargainer, you. Teach me some tricks of the trade. Ha.

  10. sokolum79

    Thanks? cuz! <3

  11. angryfawn

    so pretty :)?

  12. xxxHollyxWoodxxx

    i love how? the pink peeps out under the eye!

  13. jaszylaz527

    ur peircings and tats rr soo cute i want the dermal anchor u have on your? ur face except i want mine more next to the side of my eyes

  14. sokolum79

    I forgot to mention he was originally trying to sell it to me for? $109.

  15. sokolum79

    Yeah because it saved me the transit ride from the mall to sally’s then back to? downtown. :)

  16. Hurrycanekatrina

    So with it being $5 more than Sally’s was a good thing? Haha. I’m confusedddd. But still,? woo for bargaining. I’m going to try to do that the next time I’m at the mall.

  17. JaydeNoctus

    love this look! a much more wearable look? then hers! 😀 thanks

  18. sokolum79

    Thank you for subscribing!! She rocks!? 😉

  19. sokolum79

    Aww Cora! Thank you so much! I was wondering why I had quite a few subscribers in a matter of a few hours! :) I say recreate it!! 😀 I have the photo? I used on my blog linked in the side bar. xoxo

  20. alltimeplayer

    Hy! I just found your channel , it was recommended by Vintage or Tacky on twitter 😀

    You’re? great!!!


  21. vintageortacky

    I’m so glad you’re back! This look is really pretty and I’m resisting? the urge to recreate it! You’re one of my faves and I hope you know that! <3 Cora

  22. effinjagerbombs

    im so happy to see? you!!!

  23. sokolum79

    The funny thing is that I was in San Francisco when I bought it! Haha! I was going to Sally’s to buy one right after the mall and I bargained him down to $65, which? is only 5 more than at Sally’s. 😀 W00t!

  24. Hurrycanekatrina

    ? Noiceee. Gotta love those mall kiosks. Ha. They’re so annoying but I didn’t really know you could bargain with them. Maybe it’s just a Canadian thing?

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