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For more, visit | Jesse vows to Kat that if he wins the Baja 500 they will get married right away.

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10 Responses to “LA Ink- An Impromptu Wedding?”

  1. raisin22

    i laughed hysterically when he said “heaven”. haha? oh god it’s repeating in my head and i can’t stop.

  2. PerestroikaHelena

    She is with? Deadmau5 now…

  3. Jennifer Robin

    Who is Jesse James, what is his claim to fame besides being? Mr. Sandra Bullock or the bfriend of Kat Von Dees.

  4. DasFremde

    The ratings slipped LOOONNG before? she got with Jesse. Once they brought Aubrey in that’s when everybody started complaining about the show being scripted and fake. Do your research next time.

  5. DasFremde

    And she treated Orbie, Nikki, Steve-O, and Oliver like shit and cheated on them. So I guess the bitch got her karma back. I don’t feel sorry for Kat and she knows NOTHING about love. She changes men like she changes underwear. She’ll dump them and move on to the next. She met her match with Jesse and those cheating allegations that he cheated on Kat with 19 women more than likely is false. If anything SHE cheated? on Jesse with 19 men.

  6. Ali Murray

    cant stand Jesse. I was quite glad? when she found out he cheated on her. Kat os awesome and deserves sooo much better.

  7. Ali Murray

    The ratings went down when she dated him. The guy is such a? LOSER. She clearly loved him and he treated her like shit.

  8. DasFremde

    Lol I doubt Jesse was ever interested in Kat. You could just? see it in his eyes, demeanor and how he acts with her. In the show and in pictures. He just never looked interested. Kat is nothing to feel sorry for she only used him for the show and more publicity and he got some sex and other stuff out of it. Come on she never had any interest in Jesse and never even really liked him. He was/is “controversial” and that’s she wanted for her and her show especially since the ratings slipped.

  9. rachellouisefication

    heaven. ha

  10. SugarCookietarian

    Man, he sounds so monotone and dead inside when he? says “heaven”. He sounded way more alive when he was joking about losing the race. Lol, poor Kat. I actually do kind of feel for her.

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