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Tune in Thursdays @ 10/9c, for more LA ink go to: | After a visit to Austin, TX to visit Jesse, Kat is stoked to get back to work.

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13 Responses to “LA Ink- Kat Gets Back to Work”

  1. jeffersonisthebest

    Its probably cause the Camera sucks and this is right after he fucked up his relationship with Sandra Bullock. So who knows? They were both rebounds for each other! Dummies! Jesse just needs to? do what he does best and work, quit fucking with bitches who are anywhere near on TV or movies! Like he is doing now I guess!

  2. Jennifer Robin

    Sorry Kat, but LOVE doesn’t conquer ALL.?

  3. Gille inTheVortex

    0:51 that’s Ville? Valo from HIM on the wall :)


    I bet ya she has a penis…she sounds? like a fucking dude!

  5. Alisa Garsina

    it is? true

  6. jgrootful

    He always looks fake happy, maybe thats just? him I dunno, like even his smile looks like hes rolling his eyes or something like smile for the camera!

  7. SmileForTheLemons

    now kat you better stay their? so i can come get my nerdy tattoos ^_^

  8. 06folly

    now i wanna a tatto in my pennis D:?

  9. jjooeegg1

    Kat would be hot if she got rid of those nasty tattoos . I dont think the marriage will last a year Jesse seems way to angry and unhappy. I will say they are both talented? artists though.

  10. Reigan Perham

    Jesse James is a douche i? dont like that kat von d would go for that “Homo” my oppinion.

  11. Trudy Bom

    she stole sandra’s? man! LOL

  12. toga0

    Wooo! Weak not? much posts

  13. mlwish

    I? miss the old kat, before she let fame get to her head

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