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I was lucky enough to be asked to tattoo a portrait of “Tattoo”, let alone have my talented partner in crime, Joel, film the process using his fancy REDcamera. Later on that night, we got home, and Joel edited the footage, adding one of my favorite songs of his called “Arcadia” and we ended up with this beautifully shot vignette! Hope you guys enjoy it! xo, KvD

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D tattooing a portrait of Tattoo (filmed/edited by Deadmau5)”

  1. karla c

    can you post more videos of you and Joel? together :) maybe a music video would be nice! – karlss? Von c.

  2. EmHoTennearDear

    You made that look ridiculously easy.?

  3. Shannon Ferrell

    such beautiful? work

  4. CKPixiUSA

    portraits really are your? specialty! great work.

  5. Pierre McBlackerson

    I can see why she’s one of the best…?

  6. josephine9507

    Wow sooo amazing!? You’re a rock star Kat ! <3

  7. bevccherrera

    kat we need you to stock sephora up with your foundation? in #46 they have been sold out for months now I am going crazy. all ca sephoras are ou even on line. keep making this foundation it’s the best

  8. KittyLoveDump

    This was? tattoo porn and we want more!

  9. nappyamazon

    can’t wait to save up enough money to get? a portrait of my dad from you kat!

  10. bowmbowmbowm


  11. Oatmeal Kitten

    Sheesh,? that’s so well done!

  12. Ironie Nine

    ill feel really silly if im wrong buuuuuut. Oddjob is? that you!? it really does look like him from the Jame Bond movies :) <3

  13. Kittytglitter

    Omg that song so dope!?

  14. stevenm73

    Having you do memorial tattoos of my grandparents is on my bucket list. I know? you hear it all the time, but I love your work. Breathtaking! :)

  15. Michele Goodsell


  16. 29once

    Certainly it? does.

  17. samzxcvbnmable

    more videos? like these pls, I miss la ink

  18. MajorIvory

    Love? this song!

  19. gichristensen

    My dream is to make my tattoos? with you, I’m your fan!

  20. Angelgrace88

    You? should do more videos like these! Give us a taste a la ink again:)

  21. Brenda B

    Great job I love it you are so Talented and bless And keep up with the videos I love them !!?

  22. tinacupcakery

    Phenomenal. ?

  23. Jimmy John Olascuaga Flores

    KAT te admiro, eres una artista y? eres muy linda, saludos desde Peru

  24. yanty79


  25. Shayla Berman

    It’s a wonderful work of art!!!!!!!!!!!?

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