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Tune in Thursdays @ 10/9c, for more LA ink go to: | This tattoo symbolizes a time of overcoming obstacles.

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17 Responses to “LA Ink- Defying Death”


    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkk,,,?????????????

  2. LimeCrossFire

    Norway? !!!

  3. DrCuddlesPhd


  4. Queenie Sausageable

    Cute! Just goes to show that you are not your body. The mind is the “channel” that? your consciousness filters through. Wild how life is, yeah?

  5. Peter Kuryllowicz

    Jesus dude, don’t watch the fucking? video if you don’t approve of it.

  6. Jessica Lee

    the fuck 57??

  7. PinkGlitteryStars

    just beacuse you feel differently does not mean that others CHOOSE to believe in a higher power. Im not preaching im just stating MY? opinion and obviously others agreeed with me.

  8. sufferagain

    yeah of course her imaginary friend looked out for her *facepalm*? grow up people

  9. Bestmoviealive

    the 57 is gay. ?

  10. TheAussieBoys2

    Thanks? you when i go to sleep i get think a bout Bmxing

  11. princess7417

    its? really good! but just not right for her:/

  12. inLIVIsWORLD

    it should be in colour? then it would be better

  13. linkdrm05

    I tottally again more of her? personality….why did he go all “gothic” on it

  14. Rudewomantt

    agree. The one he? made is to big and too dark, more for a guy and not for sutch a beautiful woman

  15. skweeger

    ugly tattoo, i liked the? ones at 0:39

  16. disneynazar

    I don’t like the tattoo.. But? good for her! She’s nice.

  17. PinkGlitteryStars

    God looked out for her…? :)

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