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Hannah tattoos Kathryn’s beautiful peacock as a remembrance of her mother’s two and a half month coma and her amazing recovery.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Peacock Tattoo for Mum”

  1. QueenAnne44

    Hey! It’s me! Well, not me, but my name? is spelled Kathryn. It’s weird hearing my name when it’s not me.

  2. hjames78

    nah she said the reason why she got the tattoo was because of her mom’s situation and proceeded to talk about it, she said nothing of a? connect but at least its a nice tat.

  3. hjames78

    that may have been it but if thats not it then it makes no? since her telling that story at that time.

  4. AdaytoRemember2526

    Yeah I really don’t get it either… Maybe? her mom likes peacocks? And she left that part out?

  5. michellenn93

    Awesome tattoo. The coloring is? perfect.

  6. hjames78

    ummm??? The tattoo is beautiful and it fits her perfectly but what does that? soppy story have to do with a freaken colorful bird. I watched this twice because I thought I missed something. I guess they all got to have stories to get tatted on a reality show huh?

  7. Akkanb18c

    why cant people just get a tattoo? without a soppy story….

  8. bored8215

    i wonder how much it was ?

  9. 25823666

    hannah would make an? awsome best friends mom

  10. Dwayne Dixon

    hannah is? so talented

  11. LaCantanteCalva10

    So fuckin beautiful tattoo. I want her? arm

  12. khausmkds

    my gosh,that tattoo looks awesome!… wont gone forever right?

  13. khausmkds

    tattoo dont? hurts ah?

  14. mouloudo

    because in every episode they have to justify their tatoo by a shitty explanation,? like their cat is dead, or their momma got killed by a hamster or something

  15. just13lazed

    i love the sound of a tattoo gun :D?

  16. wcbombers21

    wow how come? LA INK don’t show tattoos like this…I guess the artist they have now SUCK!! HANNA RULEZ!

  17. s2chatz

    gosh the purple? is beautiful!

  18. n3rdography

    i? feel like that tattoo made her so much more attractive looking !

  19. ninilein1505

    WOW? looove this!! its beautiful

  20. dabowler93

    oh shit my bad.? Must be something to do with the beauty or something.

  21. Light Yagami

    that would be a? phoenix, not a peacock

  22. dabowler93

    Rising from the ashes or being reborn? i would think

  23. ThatLilyRebecca

    Love That!! Aaaawww, Shes A Very Strong Person To Go Through All That And Still? Keep Going xx

  24. bored8215

    how much money do? you think that tattoo was?

  25. heckonwheels1

    I? love Hannah’s work! It’s so colorful and expressive.

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