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Here I am (yes, it’s really me) getting my cat Buddy’s portrait tattooed by Kat Von D on the fifth episode entitled “Master Cleanse”. It was a lot of fun and Kat is a super sweet heart. UPDATE: On 2/14/08 Buddy my cat lost his battle with cancer and has gone on to a better place. Having his face tattooed on my leg is the best memorial I could ever ask for. Sadness is a word that can’t even come close to describing how I feel about this huge loss in my life.

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25 Responses to “My airing of getting tattooed on an LA Ink episode”

  1. Sara Gurrola

    So sorry to hear about little Buddy. 8( Awesome? tattoo. Not only will Buddy be immortalized in your tattoo, but also in your heart as well. 8) Take care!

  2. veganchica81

    Why can’t more people care about their animal friends like this! What a lucky kitty to have such a great papa! You can? tell he loves Buddy so much when his eyes light up talking about him! Awesome tat too!!! What a cool guy!!!

  3. djdancer00

    ok so I seriously? have wondered if its extra expensive, being who did it for you… If you don’t mind me asking, how much??? sorry for your loss btw :(

  4. PJ Finau

    how much? does she charge for a portrait cause i kno its 500 for somethin

  5. Jaydiaz420

    katt? looked into u playerrr

  6. donkeypoopoo

    Buddy was about 11 or 12 (he was a rescue) so not sure but I had him for around 10 years or so. Didn’t get another cat… did something new and got a dog. Her face gets tattooed on me in? a few months 😉

  7. allan kay

    Sorry to hear that about your cat, how old was he? My little boy is turning 20 this Feb.? I can’t believe it. I’ve had him for over 17 years. I’ve had to nurse him back from 2 very close calls. My vet showed me how to give him IV fluids every other day at home, instead of me bringing him to the vet every other day costing me a lot of cash. Besides him going a little deaf and his pickiness with his food he is doing really good for and old man. Cats are awsome! I hope you got yourself another one

  8. MayTheEvilOne

    sorry about? your kitty,
    very cute tat 😀

  9. LuvableBaka

    Your cat looks so majestic. I’m sorry about your loss. He looks like he? was an amazing cuddle buddy (no pun intended. 😉 )

  10. Isskaaa

    I just saw this episode and i swear? this was the sweetest thing ive ever seen dude!

  11. FireChildSlytherin5

    *cry* SO sorry you lost. I so remember watching this episode…what is 3+ years ago?

    I love your tattoo! And it? so cool that you been in TV. 😛

    Well thanks for sharing this.

  12. donkeypoopoo

    I’m? sorry for your loss. It’s like losing a member of the family!

  13. 07tamtam07

    Such an amazing tattoo!! I’m really sorry about your cat Buddy, I just lost my cat Dallas last week and am really upset, me and him were so close. Now I really want to get a tattoo of him to? always have him with me since he is no longer here.

  14. loryncle

    I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll get another cat? because you sound like the type of owner a cat needs.

  15. donkeypoopoo

    Sorry, but Buddy passed away about 9 months after filming? this but I forever have his memory with me physically and mentallty

  16. loryncle

    That is so? awesome. One of the single best episode clips i’ve ever seen! Please tell me your sweet Buddy is still alive? You know what Buddy is thinking because you bonded with him and are very attentive to his needs. You’re tuned into him. Some people have cats who end up just being wall flowers because their owner merely feeds and pets them. They really miss out on what you and i have experienced. Cats are amazing creatures. I’m so happy for you and Buddy. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  17. mezjoy

    my dogs name? is buddy i love him enough to get him tattoed if i could take the pain love the name by the way donkeypoopoo all the standard ones run out huh ha ha

  18. PandaSkaboosh

    LOLOL at the? doraemon tattoo

  19. Phaymousx

    aww this cute 😉 i wanna get my dog? tatto soon ! :)

  20. Robyn Parry

    how much did that cost? it’s awesome, she’s such a great artist. i’ve been thinking of getting? my dogs paw print tattoo’d somewhere :)

  21. hottshell

    u go boy!!? get tattoos of what u love!! forget stupid people.

  22. donkeypoopoo

    Nope,? I just uploaded the most important part 😉

  23. kat4101995

    Do? u have the rest of this episode? (ur kitty is sooo cute!)

  24. Esieron45

    Oh my god!! So you met her? and she kissed you on the cheek!! You are so lucky. I am like in love with that woman. I hope to get my first tattoo from her. Im gonna get her name right where my pelvic bone is!?

  25. AvoidingtheQuestion

    he has a chao from sonic right? next to his cat.

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