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Baz getting Angel Down tattoo!

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15 Responses to “SEBASTIAN BACH LA INK (english)”

  1. SwagMessenger

    cant? watch this enough :)

  2. esthawk

    Your never to old to get tatted. But to get tats just because everyone else is well………that’s? where its not cool. Bas’s tat has meaning, look into why he’s gettin it before you open your mouth. Who cares if he doesn’t look as young, its called life.

  3. metalmn11

    sebastian was hot when he was young…. but now, it´s not a little bit old to get? a tattoo now?? just say….

  4. onkelzACDCMF


    “(Love? Is) A Bitchslap” from the Angel Down album 😉

  5. onkelzACDCMF

    “(Love Is)? A Bitchslap” from the Angel Down album 😉

  6. groundhog260

    great tat…his dad kat and sedastian 3 artist how can you loose getting that tat.?

  7. javier gonzalez

    Kat Von D grosa, gran remera y Sebastian esta re loco?


    Great T-Shirt?

  9. andtheysaidno

    Hey, what’s the name? of the song at 1:55? Please?

  10. andtheysaidno

    Hey, what’s the name of the? song at 1:55? Please?

  11. andtheysaidno

    Hey, what’s? the name? of the song at 1:55 ? Please ?

  12. andtheysaidno

    Hey, what’s?? the name of the song at 1:54 ?? Please?

  13. lavenderblue32

    (Love Is A) Bitchslap from? Angel Down….

  14. Tefi1913

    I? love Sebastian Bach!!! Good for Kat :p

  15. darevblue

    What a great? idea to use art of his late father as a tattoo to show it many people in the world………..That´s much more than a memory.
    Sebastian Bach is sooo cute…

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