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Miami Ink is a reality show on TLC that follows the events that take place at a tattoo shop in Miami Beach, Florida. The show premiered in July 2005 and is currently broadcasting its fourth and final season [1]. The show led to several spin-offs, including the shows LA Ink and London Ink which are also broadcast on TLC

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24 Responses to “miami ink s03e02 part 4”

  1. Whitney Lee Stephens

    Her? hats are ugly.

  2. Amy Angel

    These people in the shop are good but not that great. The best in my opinion will always be Rich Pineda, John Montalvo, Jak Connolly,? Roman Abrego, Brandon Bonds, and John Montgomery. They need to make a show with all of these guys under one roof!!!

  3. Da Vinci

    idk, i think? its just some random guy. “Can i hold your hand?” She seems like a wierd chick, sounds like something she would do :L

  4. denam3d

    who is? it?

  5. Da Vinci

    LOOL does she know the? guy who’s hand she’s holding?

  6. jeromedemillo17


  7. muffpin

    Thank you for uploading these,am really enjoying them all? :)

  8. DownHilll

    Kat should’ve dropped? that bitch

  9. themckinnondude

    its? KAT u stupid

  10. kakashomarufan

    WTF it looks like she? has multiple images of herself tatted everywhere! Why?!!

  11. rasas321

    that girl who got tattoo from Kat need to show little respect i mean Kat did best she could and that bitch still was not happy cuz of colour, and besides she? was black so how the hell u put colours on dark skin

  12. dracling90

    OMG!!!! when im older i am so getting a tattoo from? Kat. i dnt care if it is just one.

  13. lildemon121121

    make yoji the manager.?

  14. TayAmara18

    @xAxelTheGreatx ? I second this question….

  15. Nadia2015

    The tattoo Chris did on? that girls back was amazinggg

  16. SuperCityPioneers

    that? Buddha tattoo was AMAZING!!!

  17. anxiety12345

    kat? looks so much like michael when she gives the tips :p

  18. Elisabel Ferrero

    the last lady? did an awfull tatoo… and tan it’s awful as well

  19. Elisabel Ferrero

    what a? great buda tatoo!!

  20. rocknroller1986

    If they can’t even choose where to get the tattoo on there body….? i wouldn’t have tattooed her!

  21. Amatersaru1

    im all gd with getting portraits of ppl on u but geting a cartoon of yourself on YOURSELFXD jeez lady up urself are u? lol…i reli didnt? like her lol

  22. cxbra

    That lady at the end that got the tattoo from Cat needs to lay off the coke… Did you see that bitch?? “This is totally off”, whore.. you got a tattoo from Cat Von D. Ami wanted to snuff the bitch out in the back of the? shop!

  23. katie kroeck


  24. katie kroeck

    this is one of the most? beautiful tattoos i have seen, especially on this show. wow 😀

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