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It’s Valentine’s Day and love’s in the air, and Kat Von D, with the help of Danny Lohner, helped give Joel a great Valentine’s Day gift with an alternative version of Ghosts N Stuff that features Kat Von D singing and also changing a few vocals to make it more lovey-dovey. He loved it and who could blame him? It’s a beautiful version of deadmau5’s hit song and I was hoping to hear more but hey can’t have it all right? I look forward to seeing more from these two musically. kat von d gun get the d amirite …anyone? :c Link to the original song on Joel’s Soundcloud: Follow some mau5: Follow some Kat Von D:

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24 Responses to “Deadmau5 (ft. Kat Von D)- Luv n’ Stuff [production by Danny Lohner]”

  1. Dalton Hall

    this song is a disgrace to EDM go suck a? dick deadrat!

  2. Dalton Hall


  3. Jonathan Miranda

    Love? it!!

  4. phizzicz

    Mr. & Mrs. Mau5 ?

  5. Sarah Szulborski

    Her voice? is so nice. This song gave me chills. Kslajjdlglgjsh

  6. TheOaklandraiders92


  7. BassFuel

    Check out the one I posted on? my channel, guys! Visualizer and everything.

  8. gridhacker

    he was the one who gave it to us. cuz… his? fiancee is the one singing.

  9. Karen Moloney

    I could not agree with this? more

  10. LovelyKareBear

    Omg! I almost cried? :’)

  11. SweetHaley

    LOVE IT!!!! I so cant? wait til Kat releases her own album 😀

  12. Aakash Rao

    such a? tuune

  13. mattyballs98

    Where do i download this? masterpiece?

  14. BassFuel

    Hey man. Could you accept my video response? I didn’t really? see that you made one before I started working on one. They’re practically identical, but I just figure maybe we could share the views.

  15. VGMusicmaster9001

    What do you? mean?

  16. soccerrayray9

    Can’t? wait till Mau5 gets a hold of this

  17. WalkingInSpace1990

    I hate her… But this is Goddamn beautiful it hurts my heart. And the fact that it was? a gift for Joel makes it even moar beautiful… <3

  18. LegendaryPGT


  19. 666snowwhite1


  20. VGMusicmaster9001

    Well that? is true.

  21. jtofstreet

    The whole point in remixing is taking masterpieces and seeing how you could make it better. It’s a? challenge.

  22. dudewholoveshalflife

    This is amazing. I posted it to Facebook immediately. And I’m going to go cover it and dub remix it. I won’t screw with it too? much though, it’s too good for that.

  23. VGMusicmaster9001

    This is one of those things that’s like “Please don’t touch, sir. It’s a masterpiece in itself and any alterations to it will just make? it tainted.”

  24. BrittonsSkaterLife

    too guude?

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