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Ronnie vai ao estúdio de Kat Von D em LA para fazer sua tatuagem na perna, o Butternutts!

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24 Responses to “Ronnie Radke em LA Ink”

  1. Gladistone Ferreira

    Que viado e eu acreditando que a historia? do cavalo éra verdade kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ri mto XD

  2. GoodandBadBlood

    i feel so sorry,? its funny… horsey named butternut eats garbage pizza… and dies… i always thought pizza would end people, but nope, its gonna be the horses’ avenge

  3. Brandonlee evripidou

    He’s totally clean and fit (Healthy fit – no homo)
    Don’t get me wrong though he will always be an asshole, a person can only change so much.
    This year he injured a few fans at a concert by throwing mic stands into the people, spat on a girl who boo’d him and kicked out hundreds of people in his concerts for either wearing an ETF shirt or asking for? “See the stars” and he challenges people to fights on stage. I like him as a performer and I respect his changes but he is a pretty nasty dude.

  4. Eve Mal

    58-1:08 he couldnt control? his laughing

  5. jayrooboo

    Hey,? how old was he in this? He looked cuuuuutteeeeee! 😀

  6. Killer9223

    he? still my hero btw . FALLING IN REVESE FTW!

  7. Killer9223

    what the fuck is he on? lol blues ? H ? crazy shit?

  8. rachel moore

    2:35 – 2:37 ‘Just? checking my balls are alright..phew!’ c':

  9. scene4lifeeee

    yes hes clean now no drugs or alcohal? im pround oh him c:

  10. Mikayla Sanders

    He was real? high I am happy now that he turned his life around

  11. Gonzalo Salas

    Lmfao his laugh after? saying he died of a heart attack eating out the trash lmfao priceless xD

  12. kylie tenthave

    im also really glad to see how he turned his life around so much. it is really hard to see him like this but its? also a good reminder to how he never will be that way again. im proud of him. (:

  13. thunderzero1


  14. Sam Villella

    I wonder what he thinks of the tattoo now? He was so high when he got it.? Im glad he’s clean now!

  15. TheExecutionerrr

    He? clearly stated the tattoo was for a joke.

  16. HipsterNavi

    i love ronie and it hurts me to see? him soo high, but this is hilarious.but im glad he’s clean now.

  17. 21raincatcher

    Was this before he went to? jail? Becuz he seems like uh…. High…

  18. TheTorturedBarbie

    I love how he he was so high that thats whats he comes up? with omg

  19. XXXRosessXXX

    What episode is? this?

  20. 123YouForget

    I would never wish for him to be back on? drugs but…seriously, guys. This is fucking hilarious. I lost it when he said he found the horse smiling with a slice of pizza in it’s mouth.xD

  21. AshlynTalksCrap

    i? actually hate seeing ronnie like this :c! i’m so happy he’s clean now <3

  22. XxMrSleepyBugxX1

    2:35 ronnie scratches? his balls when he gets up

  23. FlawlessBVB

    This is one of the main? reasons i’m soooo glad that he is sober now. This was just to sad to watch.

  24. singerforever223

    Wow he lied about having a horse and now he has a tattoo of a horse with a? frog on it for no apparent reason

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