Kat Von D- Lock It Foundation Review- Why I Wont Buy It Again! Posted by admin on February 14th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D- Lock It Foundation Review- Why I Wont Buy It Again!”

  1. HeXeNOverlord

    How did you crush your? pinky? That must have hurt like hell

  2. TheViolinistHamel

    I used to love a BB cream I bought for nearly a year but I didn’t look in a mirror constantly after applying it. As she mentioned after 3 hours it started to separate on her face and her fiancee noticed it. The type I used also did this I had no idea because It looked fine on first application and? then my husband said my face looks really oily. Ever since I changed to a different brand it hasn’t done that but it took me almost a year to notice it.

  3. Rakurenkin

    To be? fair, she’s using it on top of above-the-skin Sharpie. It might look different on actual tattoos.

  4. simpleDIYs

    I love? the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer and that’s why I was thinking of trying that foundation… I just don’t want to spend that much for something that might not work. Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

  5. irenearaujo1

    or? maybe use a lighter color?

  6. irenearaujo1

    and only when her fiancée talks about? it

  7. MsMadMar

    its a very thick oil an primer mix foundation. for tats you have to remember that your arms or legs might not be the color you would pick for your face too. use a sponge an work wide? then slowly as you build coats, work smaller an smaller INTO the tat area. or you will have a foundation blob on your body. use a setting powder over it w/ a cotton puff for powder, to blend your edges too. i can cover tats easy with regular makeups, so dont feel you need this heavy stuff to get the job done.

  8. CheenaWantsNomNom

    I? would only use it to cover my tats, not my face. If I would have to layer it on, that’s no good.

  9. fancylulu7

    I haven’t tried it, but I hear its full coverage and is thick.. Thanks for the review,? I am considering buying it :)

  10. Jéssica Helena Ferreira dos santos

    I have the same problem. I’ve been using mac? matchmaster foundantion and loving it.

  11. Tutash80

    I? don’t get it, first you love it. you love it for 3 month or so and only then you start to notice that there is something wrong with it… Strange

  12. Komichi

    Really? Her face is beautiful and smooth but a totally different color from her neck and shoulders… I actually think she should dump whatever? foundation she’s using here. 😡

  13. Paulthemapguy

    Are y’alls still doing birchboxes? I haven’t seen a February video yet! Not to be impatient but just? wondering!

  14. xglitterkissedx79

    Also curious what you are wearing here for foundation and if you have used the make up forever brand? I loved their? eyeshadow!

  15. nawalita77

    MAC has a really pale almost white foundation, I think gossmakeuparist just? did a video about it :)

  16. loveandcolour

    what foundation are you wearing in? this video? looks great!

  17. awarn066

    I’m in the same boat! While the coverage is amazing for scarring and acne spots/dark spots, it does seem to LOOK like you’re wearing makeup and you definitely need to set it with powder. I’ve been waiting for the longest time for my shade to come in.. talked to the Sephora employees and they don’t even know why they aren’t receiving? any shipment. Pretty sure Kat is either getting rid of the product, reformulating the product, or she’s now too busy with Deadmau5 lol.

  18. JokeswithJosh

    subscribed to you? because a: you are very pretty and B: i want you and arin to have enough money for the things you want. im a guy thoe so like i dont give a fuck about this stuff.

  19. WannaBTtaller09

    Your hair looks gorgeous! Like, sexy mermaid? waves.

  20. h0tch0c0latee

    have you tried Make-Up Forever? their foundation has SO many shades and I could never find a foundation that matched my skin tone, but Make-Up Forever finally gave me great coverage and (from my research) it’s? cruelty-free!

  21. laurendp

    What foundation are you wearing in this video?? It looks amazing!

  22. therockduderocks

    0:20, what’s written on your? arm?

  23. OddMike

    I’ve always had trouble finding a good? foundation, I’m super super pale and almost all foundations are too dark for me.

  24. tillyness

    I had a similar experience with Kat Von D concealer! At first, I thought it was a god? send because I’m really pale and blemish/acne prone, but now I’d never buy it again >.<

  25. Emma Smith

    if youre looking for a great foundation with lots of coverage but it still looks like skin, try using vichy dermablend it was created for? people with scars and acne and it works great

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