Deadmau5 & Kat Von D on Grammy Red Carpet – Grammy Awards 2013 Posted by admin on February 12th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Deadmau5 and fiancé Kat Von D spoke to Fuse on the red carpet of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel: For more from Fuse, follow us here too Web: Twitter Facebook:

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25 Responses to “Deadmau5 & Kat Von D on Grammy Red Carpet – Grammy Awards 2013”

  1. Cheshyrgrin

    She is such a starfucker… Ride? them coat tails bitch.

  2. jordan greytak

    he looks shit faced?

  3. caTSHUGme

    And that’s why I love? Joel

  4. Twiztid ElektroKid

    Yeah he has a? heart condition so no drugs lol

  5. GetRudeOfficial

    he did, he got STFU on the hand that is glued to? Kats ass!! Cant blame him ;D

  6. DJOrangeJoe

    if he? is drunk it means he uses drugs. Alcohol is a drug

  7. Linus Fredriksson

    “What are you most excited for?”

    *Joel turns away to put on his poker face*
    “Aawh, there’s just so much talent, under one roof”?

  8. ezio auditore

    not anymore, he stated he has quit.?

  9. fremenjoe34

    Joel doesnt do drugs, hes just drunk as fuck?

  10. Florian Ecker

    gay one’s walking? by 0:43 lol

  11. Elisabeth Durham

    I like the fact that he covered the “S” on his hat, so now it says “your hit? bums me out”

  12. WoWRiser

    fuck? you skrillex

  13. eminemisthebestrocks

    UP????? IN?????? COMING?????? RAPPER???? AND??????????? ENTERTAINER?? CHECK??? OUT? MY????????? CHANNEL?????

  14. AdrianV384

    Didn’t Joel have GTFO &? STFU tattoos on his fingers?

  15. WolfDoesGaming

    they have snacks! LOL? 😀

  16. Marbeli yañez espinoza

    “””your HIT bums me out”” ¡Well said? Joel!

  17. TheDJT418

    There’s just? SO MUCH TALENT.

  18. Sydneythekid

    they look? high on caine

  19. OllieGio

    Lol Joe’s hat?

  20. WolfHd1

    Are u worried about revenge? No he cant troll like i can? troll

  21. vriggio1

    haha so? much talent

  22. zachscaife

    Fuck I love Joel he is? the best

  23. koto2211


  24. Valentin Prados

    Joel looks? pretty fucked up.. 😛

  25. TylerJenningsTV

    He isn’t high,? just really awkward.

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