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22 Responses to “La Ink s05e02part1”

  1. Esther Marti

    ‘As? nitty gritty as it gets’

  2. orlande22

    Why is it that we finally? get rid of Aubry and we have to keep seeing her? I cant fooking stand her!

  3. Adnegaify

    when you comment don’t? forget this is a show … on the other side, from a PR point of view, Liz is a communication disaster. Everything else, is just directed, so, don’t get too excited about all the drama.

  4. candyts723

    haha so true

  5. ThatGirl0800

    When does Rooftop come? in? I love him <3

  6. KareenCasey


  7. girl123interrupted

    Kat… for the last? time, stop trying to bring someone new to work with your little “tattoo family” you guys live in your own little bubble but are reluctant to let anyone else into your tight knit crew. STOP with the drama, stop with the bullshit… Will someone answer me this? was the whole drama shmeel like a death rattle attempt to get ratings or something? because it worked so well for the hills and laguna beach right!? lol

  8. ukgirlonce

    no..all americans are? not like this?

  9. Boredoutofmywits

    For de drama..duh.?

  10. TehStupidBish

    Liz is a F*CKING BITCH OMG
    Everytime we see her in the episode i feel like breaking shitloads of stuff? around me ugh

  11. NightxAngell

    :23 My god that guy is such an annoying prick. I wouldn’t want to work for him if? it were the last job on earth. Heh, Aubrey can do better than that.

  12. NightxAngell

    Omg why is it that? every time someone from out of the country sees ONE video they’re like “is this what america is like blahblahblah” god are you people really THAT small minded?

  13. kirbyrulezz

    i dont like the? pin up tattoo.. corey normally does much better!

  14. Aimee B


  15. Lucie Pepin

    Scripted … scripted !!?

  16. TheBoarta

    The new people are? often cocky and just wants to be on TV.

  17. BoogleBoogle

    are these real people or? actors? or is this what americans are like? loll

  18. catvamp13mishka

    this part keeps? skipping!!!!!

  19. kgraham15

    God that Liz? chick is such a bitch!! Thank god she’s gone now!

  20. wouldntevenbleed

    that? new girl is waaay too cocky for her own good.

  21. krakrakrala

    God, I soooo dont like Adrianne. What a? bitch!!

  22. chipityzu

    why does kat even bother hiring new people? if they never fit into her ‘tat family’ fuck sakes

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