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?? OPEN ME!! – SUBSCRIBEEE ?? **************************************************************************** – – Where you can find Me! – – Facebook: Second Channel: Twitter: Pintrest: Tumblr: Instagram: @KaitNicholexo **************************************************************************** Thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch this review, I hope you found it helpful if you’ve been looking into purchasing this foundation for yourself. :) I purchased this at Sephora for + Tax – for the amount of product it comes with (1.0 fl oz) and as little as you use to cover your entire face this is most definitely worth the price tag! My Foundation Color: “Medium 58″ Here are the things this foundation claims to do: – Full Coverage – 24 Hour Wear – Transfer Resistant – Matte Finish – Fragrance Free – Oil Free – For All Skin Types Let me know what you think in the comments if you have tried this foundation yourself! Love it? Hate it? Cant Decide? :) – – – Previous Video: – IMATS LOS ANGELES HAUL: – IMATS LOS ANGELES VLOG: Hauler Deals Info: My *NEW* Hauler Deals Boutique: Don’t forget to download their FREE iPhone app! HD Twitter: OPEN GIVEAWAYS!! – – ?? Makeup Im Wearing: Foundation: Kat Von D “Lock-It Tattoo Foundation” Shade: Medium 58 Powder: Cover FX Blotting powder

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25 Responses to “Review ? Kat Von D “Lock-It” Tattoo Foundation”

  1. LilMissLizzy Xo

    Thank you for this :-)? it looks great xox

  2. MyHeartBeatIsGone

    @Kait Nichole thanks ima? go check it out!!! you got me sold on this foundation!!!!!

  3. Kait Nichole

    LOL!! I actually get that alot. Thank you! She’s gorgeous!? xo

  4. SingSmileAndLaugh

    I was hoping youd do a demo using it but maybe in the? next video youll use it

  5. SingSmileAndLaugh

    I want to try it but i dont know where i can get it in Oz!?

  6. heeythatrhymed

    ive tried everything to make it work, but yeah youre right, some products just dont work with certain people. im going to keep it to use as an under? eye concealer! lol its so full coverage i cant return it.

  7. Awesomeness10110

    You kinda look like Chelsea from Teen? Mom just a lil bit.

  8. Awesomeness10110

    Does anyone know if you can purchase this at? Ulta?

  9. AjubuWubu

    While I was at Sephora my friend and I tried to cover? our tattoos with it and it didn’t even come close to covering them!

  10. lalapiggypigs

    You are beautiful!!! (:?

  11. Paola Ayala

    i am in love with? your hair<3
    you look gorgeous

  12. Kait Nichole

    Yayy!! Isn’t it amazing? I will have to try the Dior Airflash at some point in my life. I always eyeball it but its taking? the $60 plunge that always scares me away! haha – I will get it eventually tho! :) Love you booo

  13. Kait Nichole

    Im sorry but im honestly? not sure. I have combo skin, and don’t really struggle with pores. I think your best bet would be just to go to a sephora, have them match you and then get a sample and see how it works!

  14. Kait Nichole

    I still haven’t tried? the concealer, but iv heard its great!!

  15. Kait Nichole

    I would definitely check into this then! :) I barely even have to use concealer when I use this! its heavy duty. If I had to bet, I would think it would work pretty well for rosacea! Fingers crossed for you! xo?

  16. Kait Nichole

    Yes! They have shades available for women of color!! :) The Sephora I went to had 4-5 colors? to choose from! :)

  17. MyHeartBeatIsGone

    @Kait Nichole does she make this for women of color to or are their? no dark colors

  18. Nadia El mhami

    can you do? a tutorial with this foundation?

  19. thehapagirl92

    It does work semi-well on covering tattoos on it’s own, but it works better if you? go through a process of covering the tattoo with a powder and skintone eyeshadow. I’ve tried it on tattoos I have on my arms and my face. Works better on the face :)

  20. Kait Nichole

    Lol!! Well, supposedly its for both! The lady at sephora said its supposed to be able to cover even the? darkest tattoos. But Im not sold on that.. Its definitely full coverage but idk for black & colored ink.

  21. Kait Nichole

    hmm make sure your either priming or moisturizing before. It is a matte finish so from what i’ve heard its great for oily skin. But honestly some products? just don’t work no matter how much you work with them :(

  22. ALC101603


  23. Sheena Henderson

    What primer do u use with it and do u use a powder with it?

  24. ShtongiOriginal

    Hello beautiful ladies. Finally the truth? you seek for about ALL men is revealed. I am sure you will find it very interesting . watch it all on my channel. Enjoy.

  25. heeythatrhymed

    ive used a? bunch of different primers/elixers/setting sprays/powders/brushes with it, it just doesnt work for me. thanks tho :)

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