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You’ve been asking so many questions, I thought I’d answer a few! CHECK OUT KATS SOCIAL LINKS: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.katvond.tumblr.com Instagram TheKatVonD Music by: Danny Lohner *NOTE Regarding Kat Von D’s collection of Taxidermy: As a lover of animals, Kat Von D’s entire collection of taxidermy is made up of animals who have certifiably died of natural causes. None of the animals you see in the background of this video have been hunted or killed for the purpose of taxidermy.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Answers Back!”

  1. barbora0903

    I love you Kathy,you’re so awesome,beautiful,inspiring and not to mention cute :) you should post videos more? often

  2. GabysBlog

    hey kat , i was wondering , what is your most favourite? worn piece of clothing and why ? :)

  3. GabysBlog

    Hey Kat :) ,?

  4. chickmontroze12

    Not one of you’re sketch books but a clean page one? I’ve been looking for one but it would definitely? mean the world if you’d give me one!!!

  5. chickmontroze12

    Kat!!! Can? I please have a sketchbook?

  6. bowchickawow303

    What tattoo? hurt the most?

  7. angela i

    what is the music on this video?? Not heard it before, but style sounds familiar.

  8. Rebecca Calvert

    Hi Kat,? I have a question, what are your favourite shops on Etsy and why? I love Etsy, there’s so much cool stuff to look at!

  9. Trollston Douchebag

    Would you let me put nutella on your booty??

  10. FashionAngelsCo

    I just love everything about? you! You are my inspiration!

  11. mystic12hobo

    I know you’re a fan of Black Milk (leggings), would you ever? consider collaborating with them? Those would be some kick a*s leggings!

  12. mystic12hobo

    I know you’re a fan of Black Milk? (leggings), would you ever consider collaborating with them? Those would be some kick a*s leggings.

  13. 630100

    were? is deadmau5 ???

  14. 57tailfins

    You have such a fantastic outlook on things, and for a middle aged dude, I can respect that. I know you’re a talented young lady and no matter what life throws at you, you can make that damn proverbial lemonade. I really dig the? vlogs, it’s nice to put the voice to the face. I’m glad to see that you’re smiling and amazing as usual. Hakuna Matata, and Mahalo for all you do. :)


    Kat you look gorgeous , love how you take your time to respond to your fans <3 Te? Quiero Mucho !

  16. Mollyjane808gmail

    …Would you KILL a living being, stuff it, and then sell it?? And would you feel proud of it?? Because I wouldn’t. If you read KatVonD’s description box, it says that her collection of taxidermy is certifiably died of natural causes, which is why I brought taxidermy? into my interest 😉

  17. Mollyjane808gmail

    The meaning of animal’s existence shouldn’t be taken advantage by us human beings.? PEOPLE kill animals for money, especially the food industry (Which today it is way overly mass produced). We do need to survive on food, so for animals, us human beings have a choice whether to eat them or not. For Taxidermy, most taxidermists kill animals for money and for fun. Good quality taxidermy is really expensive, but you don’t necessarily need to KILL a living being to make an income…

  18. Samm Valo Taylor

    I officially love @candeezie for asking that question , it made my day? (:

  19. Rosalyn Stilling

    Hey Kat! What is your favorite tattoo that you’ve ever tattooed on someone else? What do you like about it? xoxo :)?
    p.s. will we ever get a peak into some of your sketch books? i ADORE your artwork:)

  20. Candeezie

    Kat, could you? get me Ville Valo’s number? Thanks 😉

  21. pallypower3000

    What is the meaning of animal’s existence? To be killed by other animals??

  22. Fashionshoper

    Kat you are so? gorgeous!

  23. kaylamt1

    I want that lamp tree you have? behind you! so cool where did you get it??

  24. pinkachu557

    Hi Kat, I just love your clothes and shoes, what stores/websites do you like to? shop at?

  25. Spence Smoove

    I love you, Kat. You should do moar videos with the? mau5!

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