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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode 3, part 2 – Grand Opening

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24 Responses to “LA Ink 103 pt2”

  1. ZombDragon

    The tattoo Hannah did? was gorgeous. I definitely want one like that someday. She’s an amazing artist.<3

  2. gatora9

    Kat’s prettier? before the plastic surgery.

  3. TheAbbNormalKid

    Pixie’s tatt’s are amazing! I <3 the care bears?

  4. dragooned123

    well its like NY Ink they all have stories to them and they probably where? picked to get a tattoo because of the story why there getting the tattoo

  5. Lacadien911

    i dont know if its like that where you live, but in canada there is no law about tattoo age. i got my? first tattoo at 14 at a proffessional shop, and they dont hurt that much

  6. Lacadien911

    frosting whore???

  7. Amie Purse

    sometimes i dont get why teh clients talk about what happened in there past, some things are personal and should keep to yourself, yeah i know you wanna say what the tattoo means but why blurt it out? on tv!

  8. IDKcharlie

    I know im under the age of 18 but I WANT A TATTOO!! they look scary though, but i love? art

  9. Amadeus Sinclair

    Justin? was cool :) haha.

  10. krebsfreakshow

    an EMO GUY = L.A.?? Kim, thanks for the heads up,? I´ll stay the hell away from there as possible LOL

  11. IGsinger

    Man,? pixie is just fineeeee.

  12. sty1nk0rean

    holy crap I wish I could draw as well as they do ><!!!!!!!!!?

  13. TheCliffBurtonfan1

    Is Kat? a man?

  14. NightxAngell

    That woman who was in the accident is really lucky. Real? survivor. I like the concept of her tattoo.

  15. xXnobioneXx

    emo is LA ????

  16. jimmorrison123456

    i miss pixie shes so? cute

  17. MyBleedingDoll

    once in my life I want to fly from Italy to LA just to get inked? from Kat *-*

  18. kuhleskind

    so does pixie have dimpels or do? the piercings just make it look like she has dimpels???


    Kim constantly looks? unimpressed about everything, cheer up girl!

  20. OMFGZmissy

    look? at me, im just a frosting whore:)

  21. Anne G

    yeah, i was just thinkin bout that. im sittin here watchin this thinkin “wow, they are art MACHINES” like seriously, they are better than most artists whos paintings are in museums. these tattoo artists are crankin out these masterpieces, like u said, within minutes? with amazing realness and perfection. they are just A m a z i n g people.

  22. t3hpr0nst4r

    3:02 “Your Watching…”? wow.

  23. KayyFUCKINGBOOMgasm

    I thought the exact same thing!! hahaha!!?

  24. southstar0511

    so much respect for these guys. I mean they just draw things within 30 min and draw it on people? body, this just isnt art its a masterpiece.

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