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23 Responses to “La Ink s05e05 part3”

  1. Amy Angel

    Maybe its not easy for Corey to make time, seeing how he has a whole other tattoo shop to run as well as children and a? wife.

  2. doabmbieber

    It’s ‘crooked’ because its a cover? up.

  3. rosy khan

    I think its a mixture of brain surgery? and rocket science haha 😛

  4. poey06

    “dude it? aint rocket surgery” I love how they use the same fill in phrases more than once in a heated convo HAHA!!!

  5. chachathatsmee

    “don’t want to think about Kat” talks about Kat all the? time….


    Adrian lighten? the fuck up!

  7. GhostOf Eddie

    I love Craig.? He’s fucking mental but he does a way better job then Kat at managing the shop.

  8. roygeebivv

    aubrey’s tattoo looked a? little crooked..

  9. DeathlyHurtt

    Damn y’all talk Alot of shit on here about people u? don’t know!

  10. CCowie123

    I LOVE AMY!! She is the most? sane person on this show

  11. anthony ritch

    wow amy could of been so much straighter on the crown it looks so off centered! kat knew amy had no place in? LA ink!

  12. DonkeyParadise

    Aubry, how about you get a brain tattooed on your forehead? She was just trying to get a tat removed and now she’s getting a new one done and is still related to Kat? and her “family” in some way.

  13. Joost Kempen

    The art for the poster he? made are not that good.. :S

  14. Livvy H

    Beaver? bird xD

  15. JezzieLS

    Kat, I don’t think “rocket surgery” exists…rocket science and brain surgery do? though 😉

  16. flashpointlover1

    Why does Liz keep? sitting in Kats chair?!! Not cool! It’s not rocket surgery.

  17. Lolagal123

    Yeah, guys! It’s not rocket? surgery!

  18. Dylbert666

    Liz makes me want to? gag.

  19. MariaTastedInk

    I? can’t fucking stand Liz.

  20. SuperDP1991

    haha? rocket surgery XD

  21. girl123interrupted

    I? love Kat’s embarrassed face, the blank stare and repeated blinking haha

  22. girl123interrupted

    Aubrey is obsessed with la? ink haha

  23. NikkiBabycakes

    THE BIRD. LMFAO. “I think it looks more like a seal”… uh yeah, THAT BITCH? CAN’T DRAW!

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