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15 Responses to “LA Ink s05e08 part3”

  1. ebonybabyful

    I love? Dan so much :’)

  2. KitaDyer

    The rosary tattoos? gorgeous (:

  3. Brocoli Muncha

    JESUS, 4:14, granny looks like? Alfred E. Neuman from MAD

  4. CCowie123

    thats the only reason why i watch the show, ur watching it for the drama, I’m watching for the? tattoos

  5. racheljade92

    ya? like they really ran into each other in that store with the cameras there….. total bullshit.. and liz is an actress….

  6. CATcatCATwoof

    Don’t be fooled by these dramatics. It’s edited in a way that they cut up the tape and take scenes from the whole day and place them where ever they like. Like in the pauly/corey scene, they kept repeating the same ‘awkward silence’ clip to drag it out. A lot of arguments have scenes from other days or have been cut that they can change what actually was said and felt. If i was Kat, i would be so pissed at them making her out to be? such a bitch. :/

  7. JEM4JS

    dont know what liz is moaning about. she gets her? pay at the end of the week/month dunt she ? easy life if you ask me.

  8. kultangel2

    Does anyone else scroll-skip the boring ass people getting tattoo’s and telling some sob story? I find it about? as interesting and entertaining as watching piss dry in a urinal.

  9. KareenCasey

    no shit,? it’s reality tv

  10. girl123interrupted

    I know right? Its just like the hills haha LC goes into a starbucks bathroom and happens to? run into Kristen (her mortal enemy) and the camera’s just happened to be there and Kristen just happened to have a microphone on. (DUN DUN DUNNNN!) ha ha

  11. girl123interrupted

    I don’t think its fair that Kat lets Dan come and go as? he pleases for his shows and tours yet she won’t let Corey take a week off and he’s been there for her through thick and then and drives an hour from his house to come to her shop and work, it makes Kat look like she’s giving Dan preferential treatment.

  12. 909sophielou

    So the cameras just happened? to be there when corey “bumped” in to pauly , this show is so staged

  13. RattleheadAnthony


  14. Shroete

    0:52 awkward ^^?

  15. operaknitter

    Uh, oh…. the fame moster is on the prowl.?

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