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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode 3, part 4 – Grand Opening

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25 Responses to “LA Ink 103 pt4”

  1. GalsPals66

    i love how kat was? just so chill after getting a tattoo.

  2. 205taylorfan

    6:54 BATMAN TATTOO! FUCK YEAH! lol? 😛

  3. msnubootysux

    pixie ghetto? voice awesome

  4. gatora9

    Kim looks like Jen Aniston!?

  5. nunchuckerz

    that mike is? not even worthy of the title anal douch, he was in 3000 miles and he was a prick in that too

  6. AceInTheWhole94

    that dude was fucking MASSIVE man? lol

  7. sweetrussian6

    mike = rooftop lol?

  8. eraneta

    thanks for upload :)
    kat? is so beautiful

  9. xXnobioneXx

    man kat is sooooo hot?

  10. 2kellenlee3

    Dood bob’s? BIG BOY!!! yumm

  11. 123fourgay

    “shut the front door!” lol never heard that one? before. Rad. Aight well…

    Bye peeps

  12. harhainen

    i bet that “MOI” tattoo in her leg is made by Ville? Valo from HIM, or some1 from DUDESONS!

  13. agetlostgirl

    ive always thought getting tattoos feels like a sharpen pencil rubbing in my skin hurts? but totally worth it

  14. thePlagueCat

    I love how Kat says ‘rad’ and ‘tripping’ all the time. ? XD

  15. driannabanana

    that sound? is beautiful. i could fall asleep like a babee. ahhh!!! and he is a huge baby!!

  16. NikolaSrd2010

    Worst job i ever? see

  17. JuxtaZ760

    the swing set was tight?

  18. eKko0

    shut? the front door lol

  19. SexyBambii91

    fühl mich? irgendwie allein..:( will einer mit mir schreiben hab auch bilder und so

  20. shylashes

    It really is “the soundtrack of hell.” That needle noise automatically makes me so nervous.?

  21. usaearthling

    Kat Von D is? so gorgeous, she needs to fire her hairstylidt.

  22. everssss

    idt tattoos? are what that feel like..mostly because i dont think hes had that done to him

  23. animequeen1985

    he? has a butt chin in 2:22!!! XD

  24. thomas4457

    me love kat von d shes amazing she my favorite tatto? artist

  25. HardRokMiner

    I’ve? always been a fan of Kat’s but i’m beginning to notice thats she can be a real BITCH sometimes. I don’t know if it’s editing or what?

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