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Hannah Aitchson discusses the good and bad of being a tattoo artist

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24 Responses to “LA Ink – Hannah Aitchson Interview”

  1. shanefal88

    I’d buy Hannah’s book over Kat von D? any day

  2. pikecounty3a

    her and? kim were let go because the producers wanted more drama and they got rim of them.

  3. 241lithium


  4. cfc106

    how do you do a tattoo,? that doesn’t look like a tattoo

  5. Wa3ypx

    seems very? personable and cute

  6. Bigfellr

    Did she leave? the show or did she quit?

  7. InsanicManiac

    she’s so talented. producers only got rid of her because they thought hannah and kim weren’t dramatic enough. now hannah has a 6-12 month waiting? list for tattoos at her new shop, she’s awesome.

  8. DieFrauVonMururoa

    my? fauvorite tattoo artist!

  9. HeatherHawthorn

    whos her cousin??

  10. BeastyFlex69

    she is? soooooo talented! and really sexy too!! she is the reason i love tattoos!!!

  11. BeastyFlex69

    she is? soooooo talented! and really sexy too!!

  12. BeastyFlex69

    she is? soooooo talented! and really sexy too!!

  13. BoGdan1491

    : Agree? .

  14. dave4378

    I wasn’t really into the show & i’m not a? fan of reality TV, but i just fell in love her. She’s beautiful & talented & something about her that’s a bit different from the rest of that crew. I have to agree with xsasha94x, she’s definitely my fave.

  15. robinszollosi

    i hope she comes out with a? book!

  16. gema190

    i love her!!! she? is amazing and an awesome artist!!!!



  18. emailaddress3407

    Shes? so eloquent I adore her

  19. rodgil1

    she is fucking beautiful? and talented and her brother is FUCKING AMAZING!!!

  20. ShaxDr87

    I like her. She seems so smart,? and nice.

  21. BeccaAndii

    She’s absolutely gorgeous!! And her work is just amazing!?

  22. Ariana H

    she comes into my? job sometimes. she’s just as cool in person.

  23. SAMR33

    i? love her eyes~

  24. midnitetattoo

    god i love this woman?

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