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For more, visit With Corey’s recent departure from High Voltage, Kat and Corey meet to discuss whether he’ll be returning.

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23 Responses to “LA Ink- Will Corey Come Back”

  1. Keegan Coutinho

    Honestly Corey should get a? chance cause every 1deserves a second chance…

  2. Wowdamn1

    Honestly i used to love Corey but he fucked up because Liz sturred up? shit at the shop, leaving everyone confused and Kat wanted to make up but Corey was negative and disrespectful the whole entire time and thats why she has to think twice hiring him again.

  3. SynysterGateAS

    Kat used to have? the dream team tattoo artist but now not anymore.

  4. theultimateninja

    kat’s a douche bag. she has to realize that “being cool, yea bro” isn’t life. that’s how you get less? friends.

  5. tammibaybii

    Well kat asked corey? to come back but corey is working elsewhere now

  6. kowiz123

    i just saw the episode where corey ask to come back and work at the shop after leaving,, any 1 tell me please what happens next? or tell? me what episode and what series i am on please

  7. FLissssssY

    why is she being so disrespectful towards him like what happend? didnt she say she looks up to? him?

  8. mad7hatter

    Corey Miller is pure art… he’s the? best!!

  9. TheSpeedholic

    Think about It?
    Corey Is the best talent in that show by far.
    She? should kiss his feet for the fact that he wants to come back.
    What a bitch!!

  10. MsAustralopitecus

    kat is soo spoil and soo stupid for bussines she has no idea of how handlle a shop ,, corey is good money for the shop not like the other losers that she has over there ohh is a family ,,, bounch of losers.. at the end of the days no body cares for her cos the only one that has been whit her since the begining is corey ,, so Kat? ure stupid close ure stupid bussnies family cos fam and bussines doesnt go togueter never..

  11. morrrs

    she’s ugly with the red hair?

  12. kay211678

    total? bitch … Corey’s a good guy

  13. Carla Mirwald

    …cont.: Corey left because she did not pay attention he needed a rest time, and gives priority to Dan, I think something that rolls … Dan can go out on tour and she does not have the same flexibility with co Corey, it seems that she thinks that because he is older has more important projects than getting? tattooed in her store! A little class of humility would do well!

  14. Carla Mirwald

    I love Kat as an artist but? as manager of the business … is a tragedy. Do not know lead weight, and has greatly inflated ego to share attention with others artistaas. The major drawback of it is really not paying attention to what people say to her, and start doing something else before finishing the conversation!

  15. davegrohlful

    so wtf is corey leaving then coming back why? is that??
    can someone answer that???

  16. pojo205

    nikki? sixx*

  17. DanQuinnPlayersClub

    Kat your a wanker!?

  18. Drahgoon

    cory is a fag?

  19. maylea mineyourbusiness

    she acts like a bitch thats why i stop watching the? show when pixie and corey left

  20. MegaAgamer

    I want too fuck kat so bad. I? want to take her in the anus and never take my dick out of there. She would have too. Tattoo someone with my dick in her anus.

  21. micumable

    corey!! his? a tithead!!!!!!!!!!

  22. consuelo0729

    Corey is a way better artist than Kat, Kat is? overrated.

  23. MegaAgamer

    Kat my be hot and i would? like to take her in the anus. But she is a fucking bitch!

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