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A record of last nights random LIVE stream He talks the careless attitude of the world ending that music festivals are overrated and it should just be about the music artist and the person listening and Kat Von D makes an appearance. Now this isn’t a perfect recording. 1.I didn’t get to catch the beginning of the recording, I started it the moment I saw it existed. Not much is missing though 2. I was watching it from his Facebook post and so with some of the footage you will see it blink to Facebook for a millisecond, a few times.

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16 Responses to “deadmau5 Ustream Live 12/6/12 w/ Kat Von D”

  1. Lucas Juarez

    I want? him to go back on tour already. :(

  2. skull5pub

    good? cat

  3. lancp94

    NOPE, it? was Piaf, Kat’s Cat xD

  4. Zap525

    it? was…superliminal…

  5. michelle partida

    I LOVE KAT VON D…..?

  6. MJByoyo93

    was? that a giant fucking rat 2:32 ?

  7. modechick

    this is the best thing ever, so cool to see joel and kat together? :)

  8. YourFavoriteGamez

    Facebook recommends you to like Taco Bells? fan site.

  9. tim6043

    I’m? truly sorry for the flashing facebook. I didn’t realize what was happening till the recording was done.

  10. marionetemanJ

    Do you know that Christianity? is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really? did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs? of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  11. Jared McCray

    Stop? flash facebook!!!!

  12. Marilou Gagnon

    Thanks for? the upload .

  13. i9smurfs69

    ” time for you to? fuck off “

  14. b29alvarado

    Lol the cat?

  15. b29alvarado


  16. fo0g

    the screen? flickering is REALLY annoying!

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