Niagara Ink – Episode 2 – “How to sit while getting tattooed!” (LA Ink Spoof ) Posted by admin on January 15th, 2013 | Comments (19) |

Niagara Ink – Episode 2 – “How to sit while getting tattooed!” Funny Youtube Reality based series. Takes place at Niagara Ink in Niagara Falls, Canada.. Pokes fun at the Tattoo TV shows leading people to believe that tattoos are fun, cheap, & easy to get.

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19 Responses to “Niagara Ink – Episode 2 – “How to sit while getting tattooed!” (LA Ink Spoof )”

  1. TheFireandstorm

    hey? man

  2. Kasper Saint

    I love this hahah?

  3. muffpin

    Too many funny moments to mention? but I think woolly mitten has to be the best! :)

  4. MrAxlrose78

    Funny…….fuckin silly, but funny. Mario? bros lol

  5. 42oGirl

    rofl “I LOVE IT!”

  6. tattooverb

    good shit we enjoyed? this
    L’Extrimiste tattoo Netherlands


    loool i wish tattoo? can be fun like this

  8. Ragieous

    I wish tattoos were actually that cheap, I would get a? whole lot more.

  9. Hetriani

    KICK ASS just noticed this time watching it “firewater” in the background!!!!? HELLYA \m/

  10. MrCorkythemaddog

    Most awesome… Hahahaha. Nicely? done.

  11. deanmeehan

    Episdoe 3? being fimed as we speak!!

  12. mrseriousmr

    Great video would like to see more !!? :)

  13. mrseriousmr

    Great video would like to see? more !!

  14. ZappWbrannigan

    Go? fish!

  15. Hetriani

    This is totally hilarious!!! LOVE IT!!! I gotta help spread this sucker around! You guys kick ass! Keep em comin!?

  16. deanmeehan

    He actually is! if he can stop laughing! lol

    We will have a real film crew in shooting this summer for a possible reality show… plus some celebrity tattoo artists….. but until? then,, The five of us will continue to act like jackasses & make all of you laugh!!

  17. Led Zeppelinufp

    Hank is a natural? in front of the camera!!

  18. deanmeehan

    just? a friend hanging out..he didn’t know any better,, and I was in front of the camera!!! lol

  19. deanmeehan

    we? say “man” alot! lol

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