Grey/Black Smokey Look (Hooded eyes) + Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation Posted by admin on January 14th, 2013 | Comments (17) |

Camera: Canon Powershot ELPH 300 in black I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned in this video. My opinions are not influenced in anyway.

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17 Responses to “Grey/Black Smokey Look (Hooded eyes) + Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation”

  1. followmeimlost4


  2. mercedes ramirez

    What shade? are u?

  3. followmeimlost4

    it’s been about? a month now, i’m getting nervous they wont grow back!

  4. daisy3690

    I hope they grow back fully and quickly. The look is? very nice. thank you for sharing

  5. Jaybon48

    I noticed that you use the same mac brush for every videos but can’t remember if you ever mentioned the brush though.Anyways,thank you so much for your time to reply your? viewers. :)

  6. followmeimlost4

    thank you!?

  7. followmeimlost4

    No not yet but you can always message me on here (youtube)?

  8. followmeimlost4

    The bottom rubber thing started to get an indent in it from the metal part pressing into every time I used it. Well it was making my eyelashes get stuck in the rubber part and pulled them out when I tried to pull? it off.

  9. followmeimlost4

    I use the? same one in every video. Mac 242 :)

  10. followmeimlost4

    Oh yeah they take it back, I felt bad having to take it back twice but they didnt give me a hard time about it or anything. Just always keep the receipt. Same goes for Ulta, they’ll take back anything as? long as you didnt use too much of it and you have the receipt (I used to work at ulta so I know that for sure).

  11. followmeimlost4

    Yes I own glitter, NYX has glitter and higher end? makeup brands sell glitter. Go to Ulta!

  12. BlondeLee88

    so pretty!! it would also look so nice if you put verve on the center part of the lid! did sephora let you return the foundation after trying? it? i always wonder about their policy! also the same thing happened to me a while back with a lash curler, it sucks! :( thanks doll!! <3

  13. Jaybon48

    Thank u for doing this video. Love it and your nail color too.Also,what was the mac brush that u use for your eyeshadow?? Perhaps u could list the products/brushes u use for your future tutorials. :)

  14. ncstategrl71

    Oh my! I use the ELF? eyelash curler too, what happened to make it take them off?? Maybe I should switch…lol.

  15. pirateprincess1811

    Do you have a twitter or? facebook or blog to ask questions on?

  16. Denisse1093

    Do you have any glitter for ur eyes n? where do u get it if u have any?

  17. olympuseighty8

    Eek. I primarily use the ELF curler. Guess I better get a new? one! Very pretty eye look. :)

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