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19 Responses to “LA Ink S04E07 part1”

  1. Trevor Hinshaw

    *? Amateur

  2. Simsrockslol

    haha i chuckled when he? said that

  3. DinosaurBugs

    I get the clock tattoo,? the idea is cool but 13 o’clock is 1 pm.

  4. MoreThanJustSkinDeep

    i get what she? is saying… but there is a 13:00 in military time haha

  5. iRunWithLife

    That was the point. She said 13 o’clock doesn’t exsist, therefore she wants to live the time she? has.

  6. RevelationProphet


  7. sealygirly

    kat? is just so co0ll its unbelievable!

  8. lilTpaC555

    those? videos of l.a ink iz becomin` a fockin oprah show…iz not about tats anymore…i hate when ppl r changin` juz` because they got more money…lucky of miami ink shows kat…cuz…she never came here tought…so…all respect 2 REAL artists

  9. DaniellaRoccasalva1

    “alright Aubry, get in the trunk!” HAHAHA?

  10. lovelylittlelin

    There is no “13? o’clock”, but there is a “1300”…

  11. Nocturnina91

    Ok, so..Kat complains about how busy the shop is an how she wishes she could have the time to do stuff, yet when the opportunity presents itself , she always uses the “he’s the new guy and all the other guys have been? here since day one they get first priority”. I bet those guys could really use a break.

  12. sugarychocobot

    Dude, I loved the watch? tattoo x]

  13. zizzilock

    kat did a shit job? there

  14. prettypo1

    dude this girl is a? freaken numb nutt!

  15. musicisbomb123

    miss claire is a beautiful person?

  16. makelelemakelele

    yea that was one ugly? tattoo for sure

  17. shoutatthedevil89

    dude no way is kat an amateur, everyone does bad tattos, i’ve seen corey do a bad tat n he’s awsome?

  18. krakrakrala

    What un ugly tatoo Kat von? D just did (6:49). It looks like a washed up sticker. I think Kat is a total amater.

  19. chipityzu

    verbal intercourse??

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