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This is the 1st time of Kat von D on Miami ink 5 years ago. Darren hurt his arm and Kat comes from Helsinki to help. She has been tattooing Bam and HIM band (ckeck part 1) Chris and Kat make a deal for her to tattoo a pin up. Episode 8, Season1 divided on 3 parts If you’d like to download full episode:

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25 Responses to “Miami ink S1E8 bad brek 9-13-05 (2)”

  1. YMCMNewMoney

    When the girl that wanted the pin up tatt said she was excited that kat was doing it because she liked the one kat had.. she dumb because kat didnt do her own? tatt

  2. niquee pooh

    I Wonder Does? This Show Come On T.V If It Does Wat Channel…?

  3. anoniemezangeres1

    I LOVE YOU? KAT!!!!

  4. DevilWithoutFace

    Damn she’s hot.
    I wish i could become a? tattoo artist.

  5. Anitta Kil

    linea latina?

  6. TzoStylezz22

    she is? very HOT

  7. Colly11

    Kat is so cool! It makes me wish I was like? her.

  8. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    To whoever said she was fat: This is exactly why teenagers are commiting suicide because of dumb ignorant fucks like u that think? the sun shines out of ur ass.

  9. Jasna González

    Kat is so feautifull, saludos? desde Chile mujer sensual ^^

  10. jerkt dollente

    LA? ink

  11. Crystal Roe

    Kat’s hot even? kinda chunky!!!!

  12. Crystal Roe

    i wish everyone was as good as her. and as serious as her.?

  13. CalRaider247


  14. minekid25398

    Woo go? tigers

  15. nihilistcipher

    i like the old kat?

  16. darneez

    Kat Von D i? would come to miami to get a tat done by you
    so tallented….

  17. DrunkLikeaDude1

    Kat Von D is one of the best tattoo artist ever. Don’t be stupid.You’re? just jealous.

  18. TheShaneil16

    Woah…you do realise? this is from 6-7 years ago. hahahaa

  19. adaddyjuice

    Kat? does suck! That bitch seems like a real cunty skank.

  20. AngieOnly

    kat sucks?

  21. shegotyagood

    i thought she was in her early 40s when i saw a recent photo of her. i had no? idea she was so young.

  22. shegotyagood

    wow, seeing this shows how much of a ‘hollywood makeover’ kat gave to herself. she looks? almost unrecognizable here.

  23. MrCervantesent

    Kat had something that girls these days hardly have. CURVES and MEAT!! She? was curvy as hell.

  24. RabiRose

    yeah good luck. she’s in LA now and the? waiting list is a year or two.

  25. plami nikolaewa

    One Day I’ll Go To? The Studio And I Want Kat To Tattoo Me :))

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