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21 Responses to “LA Ink s05e07 part4”

  1. Avril Teo

    Wow Liz seriously? knows how to twist things.. So catty!

  2. Bobina20

    is it bad that I enjoy watching paulie, amy, craig, and? aubrey over LA Ink. Theres no drama there, and they produce some DOPE tattoos !

  3. rh473031

    It’s pretty bad when I’d choose Aubrey over Liz lol?

  4. MegaOnionRings

    how many shop managers do? they need?

  5. MarissaMonster11

    Kat still? hot ok.~

  6. Sofia Petrovic

    i think i actualy like aubrey more than liz, i hate that? stupid bi*ch >.<´

  7. Callum Devine

    Liz? is a character,it’s not real.It’s a regular dramatic moment that ruins reality shows.Trust me,she’d be fired by now.


    i cant believe that corrie have left his own? shop,just because for helping Kat,and be her right hand…i think thats ridiculous,and thats just for the publicity,and the chance of being on the tv.

  9. TheRachel3131

    you? think Kat would learn from Aubrey Liz has failed so many times and she should fire her ass!!!

  10. TheKieshaKiesha

    st christopher? come on. enough with this religious fag shit. no1 bothers to pick up a fucking book or do a simple google search anymore damn?

  11. Vexlulz

    Liz? reminds me of aubry hahaha

  12. MeiYin004

    LOL? totally called that Joel is a newfie XD love it XD

  13. Lolagal123

    Hey, if Liz can “draw anything”? why can’t she draw her own self-portrait?

  14. Felicia Rae

    I completely agree like WTF is that no one is ever saying what the play? Notice how they never show anyone actually saying the words!! Ha bullshit! Kat even talks about it in the tattoo? chronicles!


    its annoying as fuck the way? they edit the shit out of the whole show to make it more dramatic.

  16. dominica95815

    i luv? da customers

  17. xSenshii

    Eddie- Musican?? More like one of the best BJJ Artists of all time, and inventor of the 10th planet Jiu Jitsu system!

  18. Shintath

    I’m convinced? Liz BS-ed her resume. She says she’s been in executive positions yet she does absolutely nothing but tattle…or nothing in general…

  19. cherriss0

    kat? keeps shitty employees WAY too long..

  20. Maree Standing

    Liz is such a ? sarcastic bitch

  21. operaknitter

    Aw, I hate to see Cory and Kat break up, but I think it´s time to move on. ? GET RID OF LIZ!

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